Below is a cut&paste from another forum that a new member left. I figure not all of us may be on that particular forum, so I thought I'd copy this here. Enjoy.

Hello all. I've got something important that I want to share with you.

Like many of you I grew up shooting. I was fortunate enough to have been raised in a home with what could have only been called an arsenal, in the basement. I was out-shooting my older siblings when I was 6 and helped my Dad "roll his own" bullets by the time I was 8. My chief activity back then was finding a way to sneak out my pellet rifle and "mess stuff up" before "the authorities" returned home. Those were great times, but a broken home, a passion for risking my life on two wheels, then girls and ultimately playing in bands got me completely out of the shooting hobby. Decades later, thanks to a show on the history channel, I rediscovered my passion for firearms and now there's an arsenal in my basement and I carry everywhere I legally can.

It was 2007 when I got back into the "bullet shooter" game and as I am prone to, I made some long term calculations about the future of my re-found hobby. Doing that "math" made me realize that the 2nd Amendment was at threat and gun ownership, as I knew it growing up and now, could very likely become a thing of the past - in these United States. Well, back in December/January I watched the reaction to the Sandy Hook nightmare and the rising assault on our 2nd Amendment rights and knew that my 2007 fears had arrived. The decades long push, to disarm this country, had begun.

I decided to "Stand and Fight" by doing what I do best and after 4 months of hard work, this is the result:

2AToday (see other methods below)

It's called "2AToday" and it's a Pro 2A "talk radio" formatted podcast. Each week we discuss the "Big News" of the week and deliver a 2A rebuttal to a gun control argument, plus the occasional interview with an expert on some aspect of the 2A cause. The goal is to entertain, educate and inform on all aspects of the 2nd Amendment. Not to mention crack a joke at every opportunity.
Take a listen and help spread the word about the show.

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Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the show.

Here is a link to the show.


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