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    has any one heard of using mag.small pistol primers in place of just small pistol primers

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    Yep I have used them on 9 mm 40 aw 38. I found using a slower burning powder works best. Don't use max loads. I used loads in the middle and have not had a problem.

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    It can be done and I have used them before when I can't find regular primers for my .40. Funny thing is I can't really tell a difference so maybe it has something to do with the powder. I use HB-38 and on my first attempts I reduced the charge and fired off a few rounds. They felt a little weak so I chronograph them and sure enough the were slower. I worked up the charge to something I was comfortable with and noted the powder weight on my chart for future reference. I would suggest that you start with the minimum charge for that bullet weight and work it up. As always YMMV.
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    I actually did some Chronograph testing on the difference between magnum and regular primers. Using 9mm .40 S&W and .45 ACP. I found that there was about a 40 to 50 fps difference between the two primers. Regardless of caliber.

    As stated above. As long as you don't use max loads there should not be a problem.
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  6. thanks for the info been reloading for years just never heard of it and agin thanks

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