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Thread: Minor Fender-Bender Leads to Murderous Rampage in Fla.

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    kwo51; I doubt if he'll do 10 years. With all our court "liberals", they'll just slap his hands, give him a few years suspended, and turn him loose to go again, and again, and again.

  3. I wonder if they checked for a green card.

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    Wow...that's crazy. It's too bad someone didn't put this guy down at the time.

    People should know that at least one person should stay in the car after an accident. Fender-benders are a common pretense for robbery and carjackings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    I wonder if they checked for a green card.
    Now why would they do that? That would be too much like right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambo42xa View Post
    Yep, blame it on the Crack. To bad the officer was not there just a tad earlier to attempt to stop Till in his tracks.
    You are correct on carrying your weapon with you at ALL times.
    Seems like prayers are going out all this week to Families.
    Last November we were in the Orlando area, and on this day we were at a busy intersection waiting for a light. Obvious crack head female, late 20's looks late 60's strolls up to the wifes side of the PU trying to get her attention.
    Travel with the windows up, doors locked is SOP, the wife reaches for the window button and I hit the window lock out so she cant roll hers down. The Crack head is trying to get us to roll down the window N I just shout to her to get lost we have nothing for you, N when the light changed we drove away leaving her in the middle of the road.
    N that was just one incident, every night on the news it was Drive by shooting, Drug related shooting, robbery, assault, it is a jungle around these areas. N I had to go for the HK one day to avert a Perp while at a gas station, Yeah you need your gun down there real bad.

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