The right size grip Does make a difference
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Thread: The right size grip Does make a difference

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    The right size grip Does make a difference

    Years back I bought a Ruger Blackhawk 30 carbine. I took it to the range a few times and it shot great. I decided to buy some nice fancy rosewood grips for it. I didn't shoot it for a while after that. The next time I brought it to the range my shooting was off & wondered what I was doing wrong. Through the years I'd bring it to the range,,, same result. I went to the range last week & I brought the Blackhawk. Same result & now being an experienced shooter I was thinking maybe it isn't me. So I thought about it and it hit me. I started shooting "off" since I changed the grip. So I compared the 2 sets of grips. The original grips started thin on the top & got really wide towards the bottom. My fancy rosewood grips weren't half as thick at the bottom. So I thought could this be it? I put the original grips back on and stopped off at the range after work, and Bam. Right back on target. Guess which grips are staying on my Blackhawk now ;) The right size grip Does make a difference. I just thought I'd pass this along in case someone had a similar situation.

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    Thanks for offering good advice for both the novice and experienced shooter. Grip is but one of the key factors in shooting well. Other key factors to keep in mind are: sight alignment and trigger control. On longer shots even good breathing technique is needed.

    There are more, but I've found grip, sight alignment, and trigger control are three of most important to be aware of.
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    The people at Ruger are pretty sharp. I am sure there is a reason they chose the grips they did for the Blackhawk. I have a lot of Ruger's and have never changed any grips out. I happen to really like the way they feel.
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