Memorial Day Firearm's
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    Memorial Day Firearm's

    Got up early today, as I hung up our American Flag, I had to pause for a moment. I was wondering how many others still recall the reason for Memorial Day? How many people remeber one of Jefferson's most relevant quotes with regards to the real reason for the need for citizens to keep and bear arms?

    Today and tomorrow our Home will be especially loud, and there will be echos of 1911's and M1's. going off in the distance, in celebration of our liberties and in memory of those who paraished to gurantee our rights as free citizens.

    What is your favorite firearm to shoot on Memorial Day?

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    My rod & gun is closed on Sundays and holidays. No where to go shooting :(

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    I'll likely take my new to me M1 Carbine, RIA 1911 A1 CS, and the Sig P250 to the range tomorrow.
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    Couldn't find an open range where I was on Memorial Day and had to travel in the evening anyway. Yesterday, Tuesday, we took the .22's to our local range and shot a couple mags through my 40SW as well. (We spent Memorial Day afternoon at the VFW honoring those that gave all.)
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