There is no amount of training standing behind a paper target at a gun range that is going to train any person for a fight(gun fight).

My last employment I can safety say I had the training. I spent 8 hours a week in training (mandatory) for work. It consisted of range time, DM (defensive measures) unarmed or with a weapon, scenarios in front of a FAST machine, simunitions training inside a simulator, etc.

I have been out of that line of work for 2 years and I do not have the ability to train with the exception of a gun range or a pistol (USPSA) competitive event. My point is you train how to fight. I feel confidant saying that less than 5 percent of concealed carry permit persons are trained for a deadly force situation. I know I am rusty but I know I would be able to fall back on my 10 years of training if the sh-t hits the fan(I hope).

As civilians we have no place to train in most states with the exception of some places (example Front Site). So my suggestion is if you have the money and time go to one of those schools that will train you once a year. The one thing that gets me going is these local gun ranges that charges hundreds of dollars for classes that attempt to train people. Most of these people, so called instructors have no idea what the heck they are talking about. They seem to think because they spent 3 days in a NRA instructor class now makes them some sort of Navy SEAL operator and I do not associate myself with these people. I am an instructor and I only train from time to time. Sorry for the rant, just my two cents.