Looking for entry level concealed carry pistol?
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Thread: Looking for entry level concealed carry pistol?

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    Looking for entry level concealed carry pistol?

    I just receive my carry permit in WA state and I'm looking for an entry level pistol. Currently I have my old Ruger P85, but its not the easiest to conceal during the summer. I've seen the SCCY pistols and they are a possibility, but no one has one in my area. I'm headed to MT Friday, so I'll check whether they might have one in Billings.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


  3. So what are you looking to get a single stack 9mm, .45, 380 or what do you like, their are tons of nice ccw out there, I carry a Springfield XDs with a extra 7 rds mag, their are some nice Nano, Shield in 9mm you might want to look at?

  4. Oh and welcome from Lakewood, WA.

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    Looking for a 9mm, since I have my Ruger. 10 round mag would be good. I was looking at the SAR B6P compact, but they aren't much smaller than my Ruger, only weigh less. They have good reviews and I can pick one up locally for $299.


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    Looking for entry level concealed carry pistol?

    G26 is good concealable pistol, 9mm, with 10rd mags. Double stack though little wider and more expensive than other options but you can't beat the reliability of a Glock. If you want to stick with Ruger the LC9 is a nice pistol. The trigger leaves something to be desired but overall a good package.

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    My top 3 would be Sig P239 (9mm and .40), Springfield XDs (.45 ACP) and Ruger LCR (.357). Oh, just saw that you are looking for 9mm in which case, I'd definitely consider either a Sig P239 or P938. Yes Sig is a bit more expensive, but are accurate and reliable!

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    Aside from better concealment capabilities, what does it mean to you when you say "entry level?" To my way of thinking, since you are just entering the world of concealed carry, whichever weapon you buy will be entry level. While a high priced weapon doesn't necessarily mean it's one of the "best," it's also true that you generally get what you pay for. If you like your P85 (meaning it fires when you pull the trigger and ejects and feeds reliably), then you'd probably like Ruger's LC9. The LC9 is a single-stack, is slimmer and likely similar weight to the SCCY, but in my opinion, Ruger makes a better product. If mag capacity is what you're after, you could go with something like a Glock 26 or CZ 2075 RAMI. Both are more expensive than the SCCY, so if you are referring to price when you say "entry level," you may want to go with that or a Kel-Tec P11, which is basically the same pistol, but there's lots of them around on the used market anyway, but I'm not sure about their availability new.

    In that sub-compact 9mm poly frame configuration, you've got a bunch of choices. Do you have a local gun store/range that rents weapons so you can get a feel for a few different ones? If you don't, I would still recommend a trip to a local gun store just to handle a few even if you can't fire them.

    That's all I've got. I'm sure you'll get some good recommendations. Good luck, and welcome to the forums.

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    Looking for entry level concealed carry pistol?

    I carry the M&P Shield in 9mm. Light, slim, easily concealable even under tee shirts and pull over knit shirts. Very dependable and accurate. Great gun at a good price.
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    I understand about the LC9 trigger. My P85 had the same trigger problems as the LC9. I had to put more than 1K rounds through it before it got better.


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    I didn't even think about the LCR. I like wheel guns so ill check it out and see how I like it.


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