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Thread: Can I purchase a firearm and get a conceal permit?

  1. If you can purchase a firearm from an FFL lawfully with truthfully answering all the 4473 questions, you should be able to get your WA CPL. You did not state the penalty imposed for your minor fracas... so I can't compare to the restrictions in 18 USC, which stipulates "more than one year in jail". If you got less, you should be good to go. Now, if you go to an FFL and try to buy a gun, and answer all those questions truthfully, and are denied. you can't be charged with "lying"..... there could be some record that disables you, or the record could disable you without your knowing it.

    You might also contact the court in Oregon and present a motion that the recird be set aside, discharged, erased, whatever.... since you've been a good boy for so long and basically pled to avoid the hassle of trial. One thing for future... you can, in many cases, enter a plea lf "no contest", which is NOT an admission of guilt, simply an acknowledgement that, if tried, the State is likely to present enough evidence to convict you. That is NOT the same as a "guilty" plea, and leaves your record tarnished but intact.

    SO-- IF your rap gave you less than one year, go ahead and try to get your gun. If denied, begin the process to find out WHY, and how to fix it. It can most times be done. As to WA CPL, unless there is some local record that debars you, kept in Washington, if you can pass the NICS check you can pass the CPL check. WA is Shall Issue.

    As to Oregon, yes, they are MAY ISSUE for non-residents. Columbia COunty is easy, and IS a "port of entry" from Washington via the Lewis and Clark Bridge in Longview-Rainier. All he wants is a note declaring WHY you want to apply in HIS county instead of some other. That's what I said.. it is a frequent point of entry into Oregon, as I have friends in Washington County (next south) and thus enter into Columbia. The one at the coast might also be friendly, I don't know. Both Multnomah and Clackamas can be dicey to negative.

    I'd start with comparing what YOUR penalty was in light of the "one year" in 18 USC. If less than a year, go ahead and buy your gun. IF you can buy your gun, you should be able to get the CPL for WA. Next, take the silly "gun safety course" in Oregon, and apply for your non-res permit.... Columbia County seems one of the more lenient ones. Having your Oregon carry permit does an end run round most of the stupid city restrictions... most of which were grandfathered in when state preemption was passed. It used to be a real nightmare..... one city didn't care, the next would put you in the pokey for the same thing.. no way of knowing until it was too late. Or thought to check online whether Podunk Holler had some restrictive law......

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    Might want to check on some WA specific sites:

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    The other thing you didn't mention was whether the "victim" of your crime would fall into the "domestic" category. If not, and there was no restraining order, then the length of sentence (even if you didn't serve it behind bars) would be the final piece of the puzzle. A one year suspended sentence is still a one year sentence.
    Like everyone else said, ask a lawyer. At the least look at the 4473 questions to see if it is worth consulting a lawyer. If you have a check in the wrong box, a lawyer will still take your money, but you probably won't like the answer.
    A question for everyone - Can you find out your NICS status without actually attempting to purchase a gun?
    Edited to add: I found that SLED (South Carolina LE Division) has a 1-800 number to call for "records checks and expungement questions" See if your state has the same, probably best to ask the approvers of your CC request rather than spend unrefundable cash on a failed attempt.

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