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Thread: Think a solid door would stop a bullet?

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    Oh ok. My uncle lives off Silo Ln back behind the Michelin plant.
    I take my walks behind Michelin just about every day. (one hell of a smell today) Small world eh?

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    insure your stuff with homeowner's or rental insurance. Insure your loved ones with skill with your pistol. have earvalve earplugs, a flashlight and body armor where you can don them any time you feel at risk. Don't bother with the house. It's easy to break thru the roof. window-shutters, etc, end up costing you a fortune. If you are home, you stop them. If you are gone, an alarm and insurance is the best you can do. If your spouse is there, see to it that she ccw's a little pistol everywhere around the house. the attack will be by stealth, subterfuge, or sudden break in, there is not likely time to run and get any sort of weapon. It will take you 2 seconds to recover from the shock and draw, and normally, the sight of ANY gun suffices.
    ** DO NOT ** DO NOT ** DO NOT ** wear earplugs in a defensive situation. EVER!

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