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    Stupid stupid stupid TV commercial

    Watching French Open on ESPN, and the cable company plays an ad for CPI home security.(A NC based security co.)

    BG, cuts wires outside the house, presumably the phone lines.
    Forces a door open and enters, the alarm goes off.
    The CPI dispatcher is warning them that the 'authorities' have been notified.
    Home owner gets out of bed and goes downstairs unarmed and confronts the BG, yelling at him to "get out of my house". The bg still has the pry bar he forced the door open with in his hand.

    Another Joe Biden moment, minus the shotgun, and of course everyone knows that in the fairy tale land of sheepel criminals always obey orders from home owners to get out of their house.
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    I ran this scenario over in my mind but it had a completely different ending...jus sayin...
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    Aww what happened to their commercials where they had some black lady shouting "CPI security, I-denti-fy yourself!"
    With the two huge bouncers tossing the criminals out of the house?

    We used to get a good chuckle at those.

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    Those commercials always cracked me up LOL
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    The entertainment industry is not exactly overflowing with people that are well trained about firearms or what to do in these types of situations.

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    Hm, maybe should have put the real ending up there where the home owner either A gets his butt kicked or B home owner blows the BG away. Security Systems arent all theyre cracked up to be, only has 1 purpose, notifying the police while youre getting robbed, thats why Ive got noisy dogs. A little scarier. Jus' sayin.
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  8. Just another "warm and fuzzy" way for people to feel "safe" without actually taking responsibility for protecting themselves and their family.

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    I have a sercurity system but it's more to protect the guns when we're not home. They probily can't break into the safe that is bolted to the floor before cops show up, especially with 2 differant sensors in that room.

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