I am certain that kleck is correct.
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Thread: I am certain that kleck is correct.

  1. I am certain that kleck is correct.

    25,000 handgun deaths each year, including suicides. only 1 in 4 hits with handgun isthe lethal, so at most 100,000 get HIT. many of those are suicides, gang fights, murders, etc. Very few shootings are with rifles, a few more with shotguns. Lots of those shootings are by cops, not civilians. So, yes, a mere 1% of the time, a civilian actually shoots somebody in the commission of a crime. the rest of the time, MISSES and the mere sight of the gun suffices, and a lot of the time, the crime gets committed anyway. :-) I've read the Armed Citizen column every month now for 35 years, and EVERY issue, there's cases where no shots are fired, and almost never does the defender actually control the situation properly. Nearly always, he gets very lucky.

    so VERY rarely is skill an issue. good thing, too, cause so few have much of it. I've seen many a Class A IPSC competitor that I would never hunt with, much less trust with a cocked and loaded gun, in a combat environment. I saw so much sloppy gunhandling in basic and AIT that it made me sick(Army, Nam was still hot).

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    I saw so much sloppy gunhandling in basic and AIT that it made me sick(Army, Nam was still hot).
    I went I MOS school on Fort Leonard Wood. I don't mean to rag on the Army, because I saw my fair share of poor muzzle awareness in Marine basic, but the difference I saw was that in Marine basic that ***** got corrected quick. The first day on the range my rack mate was reaching for a mag and in doing so, twisted and flagged the entire firing line with a condition 1 weapon. I've never seen someone fly so far after being kicked in the chest.

    In Leonard Wood, I actually saw an Army recruit, a Specialist (don't get me started on the whole contract E-4 crap) stick the muzzle of his rifle in his buddy's face and say "Smell this." Three AIT instructors in the room and not one did or said anything about it. It got to the point where the only Army cat I would associate with, was a former Ranger who was reclassing into a my MOS. He was the only one I saw that had his ***** on lock and he wasn't afraid to "correct" the recruits.

    It wasn't all bad though. Our Gunny's gave us permission to go around and take the BCGs out of any rifle the recruits left laying around (how do you forget your rifle in the sh*tter?) That was all fun and games until their Colonel threatened to NJP our Gunny's lol.

  4. hey, Leatherneck. :-) I took my Basic training at "lost in the woods". I had a Marine buddy in MP AIT, in Georgia. His name was Johnny Patino, IIRC, from TX, Houston, I think? He showed me a few tricks about fighting with a knife. I was sent to Korea, made black belt there.

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