Anybody ever wash and dry your ammo by accident?
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Thread: Anybody ever wash and dry your ammo by accident?

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    Anybody ever wash and dry your ammo by accident?

    I know I am ashamed to admit I forgot to check my husbands pockets and he had two bullets in a pocket. Of course I blamed him after all they were his bullets Not sure how dangerous washing and drying bullets is, but it scared me.

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    I've washed a few rounds of .22LR, but never put them in the dryer. They were running around loose in the bottom of the washer. Just have to check the pockets yourself to be safe because I'd seriously not want to have them in a hot dryer.

    I raised two boys, and even with my husband this was always an issue... all sorts of things left in pockets. Eventually you just have to double check, though it would seem that ammo is expensive enough now not to get careless with it.

    If you want a real thrill, think about how much fun it was to find a frog in a boy's pocket... thank goodness I didn't have a dryer in those days, but it got bad enough smelling hanging on the clothesline all day. :)
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  4. Never can have ammo that's too clean! Actually, there's really not much of a concern. Even if they got hot enough to "ignite," they wouldn't do much.

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    I'm really glad that I'm not the only one. I didn't actually complete the drying cycle because the magazine made a loud noise in dryer. The ammo was 16 rounds of 9mm Critical Defense which is kind of expensive. I was wondering if it still works but have not fired it yet. I guess it is now probably just for target use. I don't think that I will bet my life on its self defense reliability. The worse thing is that I no longer even have a wife to blame.

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    Anybody ever wash and dry your ammo by accident?

    Lol I've ran .22s through the washer and dryer several times on accident. Never had one ignite, don't think it ever would. Even if the dryer got hot enough to make it cook off, which it doesn't, I'm pretty sure the wash cycle soaks and ruins the powder before hand anyways.

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