Hometown pride my police chief in the news
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Thread: Hometown pride my police chief in the news

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    Hometown pride my police chief in the news

    North Ogden police chief recovering from accidental self-inflicted gunshot
    Training accident » Cross-draw drill goes wrong, chief shoots self in arm.

    By Bob Mims | The Salt Lake Tribune

    North Ogden Police Chief Kevin Warren was recovering at home Friday, the day after he accidentally shot himself in the arm during a training exercise.
    Det. Paul Rhoades said the chief was at the department’s shooting range Thursday and being supervised by two certified firearms instructors at the time of the incident.

    "He was doing some drills required of him that involved reaching across his body to get his gun. Somehow, his finger hit the trigger," Rhoades said.
    Rhoades .40-caliber service pistol discharged, wounding his right forearm. The chief was taken to Ogden Regional Medical Center, treated and released. He is expected to make a full recovery.
    Rhoades said the shooting underscored instant risk of injury anyone — experienced or a novice — is faced with when handling a firearm.
    "You know, if you drive a car for 30 years there’s a good chance you will get in an accident. Same here; this can happen to the best of them," Rhoades said.
    Warren, with 33 years of law enforcement experience, was appointed chief in April, replacing retiring Chief Polo Afuvai. Warren had been assistant chief for 12 years prior to his promotion.
    Along with an internal departmental review, the Weber County Attorney’s Office will conduct an independent investigation into the incident.


    This makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

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    Time to add FireMarshall Bill to the block list.

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    I think my sarcasm detecter is broken.
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    It's not an accident. It's deviation from a standard of the draw-stroke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds View Post
    ..Rhoades .40-caliber service pistol discharged, wounding his right forearm.
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    He should sue the manufacture of that gun, because it shot him. (By itself!!) Obviously it's unsafe. So sue them. LOL

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    Not an accident, gun didn't go off by itself. Feel badly for him, bet that really smarted. Wonder if instructors were a little complacent also...after all, they were supervising "the chief" who was a 33 yr veteran. Cross draws and shoulder holster draws require a more complex movement to do safely. This sounds like it might have been a one-handed (weak hand) drill where you draw your weapon from your strong side with your weak hand. Instructors need to be all over that when you practice live...I don't care how experienced the guy on the line is.

  7. Yeah, negligent discharge. No accident. Hope he heals quickly.

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