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  1. Our future voters

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    We just need to fire everybody from the top down. From the president of the USA, down to and including School Principals. Anybody have an idea how we do that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ss1 View Post
    Our future voters
    Indoctrinate the youth and the country can be controlled. This is the creed of all dictators. Look around you. We are almost there. In surveys almost 60% of the youth think communism is OK. We will eventually have a tyranny because even now over half the voters are dependent on the government. Many older people, the indigent and stupid can be reeducated and only about 10% will resist and be eliminated. I have the feeling that most on this forum will he in that 10%. If they are able to eliminate the 2nd amendment things will move even more quickly.

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    I can give this deaf child another hand signal to give to the school.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by buckey01 View Post
    The school administrators know exactly what they're doing. They grew up in homes without guns and are afraid of guns. They want these kids to be afraid of guns and afraid of the consequences of having anything to do with them. Schools gave up the idea of education long ago and now are devoted to indoctrination.

    This is why they're so against home schooling and hide the public school curriculum from the parents. Everything progressives do is about total control. If you want a model, look at Hitler's Germany. There are many college graduates who would be unable to pass the 8th grade graduation tests from the 1920s.
    To me the lack of education about guns is what makes them as dangerous as everyone who's not educated about them thinks they are. It's kinda like Fat Bastard's "I eat because I'm unhappy and I'm unhappy because I eat" thing. If only we could find school districts who would want to cross boundaries in the opposite direction and start implementing curriculum that informs children about gun safety, all the positive uses for guns (ie - law enforcement, hunting, recreation shooting, self/home defense), and then about the consequences of using guns in a negative way. Because most individuals are going to run across guns at some point in their future, so why would you want them to potentially go into the situation with absolutely zero understanding of how to safely handle them? I mean I know they're trying to demonize them to the point that if they see them they won't want to touch one, but how well exactly has that worked out for the "war on drugs"? We know damn well that human curiosity and peer pressure and most of all, teenage stupidity, makes them want to do all the things they are told not to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peggy Reist View Post
    A lot more people who supported obama are finally realizing what a mistake they made... .
    You know, Peggy.. I really don't think they are. I think the obama voters are eating the obama ***** sandwich and loving every bite of it.

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