School off the DEEP END.
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Thread: School off the DEEP END.

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    School off the DEEP END.

    I am sorry this is just TOO much, even in todays society of extreme political correctness. When is this going to end?
    Jensen: Nebraska school officials want boy named 'Hunter' to change his name Commentary -- GOPUSA
    Liberals believe in creating institutions to solve problems.
    Conservatives believe the individual is better at solving problems.
    A 3 year-old deaf boy in Lincoln, Nebraska is being bullied by public school officials to change his name because the hand sign for Hunter Spanjer looks like a weapon. The Grand Island school district has a policy that forbids kids bringing to school "any instrument ... that looks like a weapon." They can't change the sign, because it's the official hand sign for his name, registered through S.E.E., Sign Exact English.
    Pressure from the National Association of the Deaf and the public has compelled the district into allowing the deaf boy to keep his name. Sadly, there is no humility or sense of shame from district authorities.
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    Every day I read something that's worse than the day before, proving how stupid people are getting. Not much surprises me anymore and certainly not this. But it scares me that these people actually think we're going to let them control us. You think this is bad? Wait till tomorrow, it'll be something worse.
    A lot more people who supported obama are finally realizing what a mistake they made. Maybe they don't like their tax returns or their phone calls snooped through. Maybe they don't want their internet history to be laid out for anyone or everyone to see. But until he's gone and there have been some major changes made in Congress, it's going to get worse.
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  4. And this is Obamas new United States of America?

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    They should change his name to Skruyu....wonder what the sign is for that.

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    I think I'm going to change my name to Full Automatic Rifle
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    The school administrators know exactly what they're doing. They grew up in homes without guns and are afraid of guns. They want these kids to be afraid of guns and afraid of the consequences of having anything to do with them. Schools gave up the idea of education long ago and now are devoted to indoctrination.

    This is why they're so against home schooling and hide the public school curriculum from the parents. Everything progressives do is about total control. If you want a model, look at Hitler's Germany. There are many college graduates who would be unable to pass the 8th grade graduation tests from the 1920s.

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    Perhaps they'd prefer the middle finger.

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    Deptartment of Education = Department of Idoctronation add any Name in front of either.
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    The interesting thing on the school district for the deal child is in Grand Island - home of one of the best ranges - owned by the city where the USPSA Area 3 event is held along with the HQ of Hornady - one of the top ammo companies and yes still the place does not get it. Will be going there in August - might stop by the school and say HI! - unarmed of course.
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    How do you like the "Hope & Change" now!
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