Shootings claim 7 lives in Chicago
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Thread: Shootings claim 7 lives in Chicago

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    Shootings claim 7 lives in Chicago

    I was having trouble with the link. Hope this works. All of this happened in the last 24 hours. The city with the most gun laws.You would think there wouldn't be a gun to be found in Shitcago. A few more laws will make it all better. If there was ever a case study, Shitcago should be the one.

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    So in other words just another weekend in the windy city.

  4. I'm glad their gun control is working so well for them.

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    Shootings claim 7 lives in Chicago

    Hardly the method for how I would prefer to win the gun control debate.

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    Another Fake story out of Chi Town, not possible no guns allowed.

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    The libtards will only say that if there this many murders could you imagine how many more there would be without our strict gun legislation.

    *face in palm*
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    Yeh think of it now.. if they allowed MORE guns (see some are allowed because some special people are exempt from the rules of law) but if they allowed Normal people the right to defend themselves and have weapons.. omg.. think of the carnage.. So many criminals dieing.. where would all those prisons get money from? No criminals to incarcerate means no money, which cuts down the kickbacks and bribes to those in power.. Seriously.. the whole damn system might collapse without enough criminals to prosecute.. the bail industry would dry up and blow away! No more money to be made on crime!..


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    The " Celebrities " in Chi., & N.Y. are killing themselves. Has nothing to do with trusting folks like us. Legal gun owners are NOT murderers.

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    Only 7?? That's a bit light for them.
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    37 shot, 7 fatalities. One weekend. The Chicago way.

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