The reason you may regret having bought that ar-15 earlier this year
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Thread: The reason you may regret having bought that ar-15 earlier this year

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    The reason you may regret having bought that ar-15 earlier this year


    Jun. 24, 2013 11:43am Becket Adams

    Gun enthusiasts who rushed to purchase AR-15s at the height of Congressís recent debate over gun control may soon regret having spent so much money.
    It appears that the market for the popular rifle has bottomed out.
    The average price of an AR-15 has in recent weeks returned to the $800-$1,050 range, down from its all-time high of $2,500 (averaged), according to the gun blog The Truth About Guns.
    The Reason You May Regret Having Bought That AR-15 Earlier This Year |

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    Hmmmm...i was too busy buying handguns on the cheap. Actually, I lied. I only bought one.

  4. Bought mine the night before the shooting in CT. On sale. Glad I got it then.

  5. Any gun bought that doesn't result in a divorce is a good deal.

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    Just wait, the UN ATT is coming this fall and Harry is trying to get an anti-gun bill attached to the immigration bill. Prices may soon be going back up.
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  7. Yeap. Better get them while they're cheap. The "disarm the world" Democratic madmen are up to some more dirty tricks. Stay vigilant. Reid is handing-out cash and favors to woo on the fence Dems and Repubs to indirectly effect gun control by buying anti-gun democrat voting government dependents (amnesty), (and more illegal immigrants). Two birds, one stone. This immigration bill farce had better receive some fine tuning at the hand of Boehner, and associates, if they ever want to see another party other than Democrats in the white house.

    Time to tally Dems and Repubs (as this unfolds) for elimination in 2014.

    The battle, round 2 is just beginning.

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    Bought the guns that went down on the boat before the rush plenty of ammo also, life is good, still married.

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    Got what I needed in 08', no problems here...and plenty of ammo too.
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    I do not have any regrets because I did not fall for the hype, panic or fear of the Black guy in the White house. They and you can fill in who ever you want the they to be are going to do what they do. I am going to go with what I got do and what is necessary. Doing what I have to do may be with two shot guns, a couple of rifles and some pistols but, I will carry on with what I have. The question is. Who made out on this deal. The people who made the weapons and ammo. Thanks goodness that when I had a few extra that I purchased as much on sale ammo that I could because I have not purchased any of that high priced ammo either. Lets just say that the air tight ammo cans are full and in that secret place somewhere in the house.

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    Pays to plan ahead...
    Now's the time o stock up again...
    If it doesn't fit, FORCE it! If it breaks then it needed to be replaced anyway.

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