HR55 Stand Your Ground (going terribly wrong)
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    HR55 Stand Your Ground (going terribly wrong)

    First proposed on Feb 6, 2013 and is now being pushed with the beginning of Zimmerman’s trial in the news, taking advantage of media coverage that will feed the liberals to support this action at this time.
    We must take the time to contact our representatives and provide them with support to oppose any further intervention by the Federal Government into State related matters of law. They (Feds) have long overstepped their ream of authority without resistance, let NO venture by them go unnoticed and unopposed.

    Proposed Federal Gun Legislation HR55 - American Gun Owners Alliance

    Title: Honoring the life of Trayvon Martin, urging the repeal of Stand Your Ground laws, and calling on the United States Government to address the crisis of racial profiling.
    Subject: Correctional facilities and imprisonment: Drug, alcohol, tobacco use: Firearms and explosives: Government studies and investigations: Law enforcement administration and funding: Minority education: Poverty and welfare assistance: Racial and ethnic relations: State and local government operations: Violent crime: Crime and law enforcement
    Description: Condemns unfounded reliance on Stand Your Ground laws to protect actions that extend far beyond historical use of self-defense. Urges state legislatures to reject or repeal Stand Your Ground legislation. Commits to developing incentives for states to find alternatives to such legislation, such as grants for community policing. Encourages states to create penalties for individuals found to have caused substantive harm through racial profiling. Urges the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to seek to elevate the social status of black males by undertaking studies to understand and correct the underlying causes of higher rates of school expulsions and suspensions, homicides, incarceration, poverty, violence, and drug abuse, as well as income, health, and educational disparities.

    My letter to my Congressman;

    “Whereas; Stand Your Ground laws dramatically and recklessly expand the right of citizens to use deadly force, and have been the subject of national scrutiny in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death.”

    As shown on page 3 of the resolution in question.
    "Stand your ground" provides no protection from prosecution by the court. Its intent is to clarify that a property owner has the right under the law to not HAVE to retreat in his own home, business or car and that by doing so he is not opened unnecessarily to lawsuits resulting in harm or death of a criminal during their course of their crime.
    HR 55 is emotional, racially biases rhetoric under the guise of being fair, fair to whom and to what end? Deviate criminal eliminate that feels compelled to take what they want at whatever cost to whom ever gets in their way. Stand your ground has nothing to do with racial profiling and everything to do with citizens protection resources. Giving them back legally the right God gave them to protect themselves in the face of evil.
    If someone violates that rule of law excessively there are laws on the books to prosecute that individual as they should be, that should happen as each case occurs. We cannot as a legislative body make rules, regulations, laws or provisions that will encompass all criminal acts under one umbrella, we have courts and juries and laws to guide them towards meting out justice as is needed.
    Federal intervention into State Governments ability to govern their residents cannot be tolerated further. States know better what is best for their citizens and they alone should determine how they are held accountable under state law. HR55 has to be OPPOSED for the sanity of our society and the protection of its citizens.
    Thanks to American Gun Owners Alliance for notification of this pending legislation. Dog
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    I find it very interesting that this group of legislators are "ramping up the masses" by their inflammatory attempt at legislation. Although this was introduced several months ago by this group of black Congressmen and no action since then, I expect they will figure out a way to get the bill brought up in committee so they can hold public hearings and get lots of "face time" while Zimmerman's trial is going on. Can't let a situation go to waste. It appears that Stand Your Ground is not to be a part of the legal defense as self defense should be enough. Also, "racial profiling" has only been pushed by the radical left even when the dispatcher had to almost drag out of Zimmerman he thought the person was black.
    -----You can bet that, if Zimmerman is found not guilty, as is very possible, these people will be ramping up the "outrage" and "injustice" since no black was on the jury. These politicians, like "Not So Sharp" Al Sharpton and "Get My Good Side" Jesse Jackson never saw any case with a black involved that they did not try to cite "race" as the reason for the tragedy. I think they even demanded an investigation into the "unfair" firing of murderer Dorner in CA to turn him into a race victim. These leeches, whose careers and power stems from stoking the fires of racial hatred and keeping the blacks dependent upon them (government), cannot stand if something is not about race.
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