SAFES? Buying a new rifle safe. Advice wanted. #gunsafe #riflesafes #guns
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Thread: SAFES? Buying a new rifle safe. Advice wanted. #gunsafe #riflesafes #guns

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    SAFES? Buying a new rifle safe. Advice wanted. #gunsafe #riflesafes #guns

    I am in the market for a small rifle safe. Small to me means 3-4 rifles, but the industry is putting them at 8-11.
    I want to be clear though, I am not looking for a gun locker. They are cheap, smaller and not worth the money to me.

    There are three I'm trying to decide between and would like some advice on them or another recommendation:

    1) Gardall
    2) American Security
    3) SentrySafe

    The specifics:

    1) Gardall GF-5517
    3-Way locking bolts (5 active 1" bolts)
    3-wheel mechanical lock w/spyproof dial
    Burglary resistant handle
    Black powder coated paint with brass accents and brass hardware
    Safe fits in standard closet
    11 gun capacity
    4 anchoring bolts to bolt safe to floor
    Carpeted gray fabric interior
    1/4" A36 Steel in the door
    1/8" Solid Steel body = 11g steel or 125 inches thick. Thickest of all three.
    Fire tested at 1100F for 25 minutes
    Outside Dimensions: 55-1/4"H x 17-3/4"W x 16"D
    Inside Dimensions: 53"H x 16"W x 11-1/2"D
    Weight: 285 lbs.
    Combination lock: $641.25
    Electronic lock: Add about $844.00

    2) AMSEC - American Security TF5517
    Outside Dimensions: 59-1/4"h x 24"w x 18"d
    Weight: 388 lbs.
    Door Thickness: 3/16-inch with two layers of fire insulating material
    Body Thickness: 14 gauge solid steel plate
    Rifle Capacity: 8-8-16
    Bolts: Fourteen
    14-gauge steel plate
    Weight: 285 lbs.
    Accessory door panel
    Amsec's ESL5 electronic lock is standard on this safe
    Combination lock: $841.25
    Electronic lock: Add about $1025.00 - $1200.00

    3) SentrySafe Whister-Quiet Entry Home Defense Center - HDC11E
    Quick-entry electronic lock with zero audio feedback
    Programmable electronic lock enables you to choose your combination
    Includes override keys
    At the ready pistol stand allows quick and easy access
    Innovative barrel compartment for defense shotgun or tactical weapon
    Jumbo, 1-inch corner bolds for added security
    Pry-resistant door design for additional protection
    Hidden floor compartment provides additional storage
    Adjustable shelving/ barrel compartment
    Integrated personal defense tray makes essential items easy to find
    Corner mount bolt down kit (included) allows for easy installation in wall corners
    12-gauge steel
    Capacity: 2.1 cubic feet = 1 rifle with internal setup. 2-3 rifles without internal setup.
    Weight: 112 pounds
    Interior dimensions: 46.8 inches tall x 8.8 inches wide x 8.8 inches deep
    Exterior dimensions: 54.4 inches tall x 11.1 inches wide x 12 inches deep (including handle)
    Electronic lock: $499.00

    This is one reason not to get a Sentry Safe:
    Safe Cracking; How to open a Sentry Gun Safe in under 1 minute
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  3. Look at Liberty safes. The best in the industry in my opinion.



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    PaidTriot Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Txjeff3243 View Post
    Thanks @Txjeff3243 I think you are correct!
    I have two of them to choose from too:

    Liberty Revolution 12 $499 Curbside Lowes has it for $397.00 + $65.00 truck delivery. Gander Mountain Additional freight charge of $275.00 per item

    14 gauge steel though
    Tested at 1200; 20-minute fire rating
    59.5"H x 18.25"W x 18"D
    1" composite-fire door with Palusol-door seal
    5-year warranty on lock and mechanism
    Made in the USA by the #1 safe company in America, Liberty Safe
    Anti-drill lock protection
    Dual-action stabilizer mechanism
    Ten 4" military style locking bars
    Flexible interior with shelves to accommodate guns and valuables
    12 long gun capacity


    Liberty Explorer 12 $699 Curbside
    1-1/4" dia. x 2-3/8"L. More bolts on all 3 sides of door and 2 on top. Anti-pry door tabs.
    LOCK TYPE Electronic
    12 gauge steel
    FIRE RATING 30 min. @ 1200
    WEIGHT 440 lbs.
    ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COST $481 (free ship to store) - Gander Mountain Price $999.99
    These are a bit larger then the others, but less expensive. Good recommendation thank you.

    Even though its a little less expensive they are bigger then the Gardall, have 4" military-style locking bars not round 3-way locking 1″ bolts and have a lot thinner steel (14g vs 10g), so right now I'm still stuck on Gardall.

    Winchester makes a Bandit 9 rifle model too for about $349.95 at Tractor Supply. Different and better than the Bandit actually.
    California DOJ compliant
    Mechanical dial lock
    Holds up to 10 long guns
    Recessed door
    2-way bolt work
    1 in. diameter locking bolts
    3-spoke handle
    Gray interior with removable shelf
    Durable granite gloss powder paint finish
    Cubic Size: 8-3/4 cu. ft.
    Weight: 147 lb.
    1 year limited warranty

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    If you can't afford a liberty then look into a cannon or oxbow. Not as secure but still extremely strong.
    If it doesn't fit, FORCE it! If it breaks then it needed to be replaced anyway.

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    Liberty and Cannon offer the best warranties. Both offer lifetime replacement or repairs if the safes are damaged in an attempt to break into them. Why would you want a small safe? No one can ever own enough fire arms. Besides larger safes, that weigh at least a thousand pounds and are bolted to the floor, are much more difficult to steal.

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    I have a browning and love it

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    PaidTriot Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gsim View Post
    I have a browning and love it
    Does Browning make one to the size I am searching for???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Diealotz View Post
    If you can't afford a liberty then look into a cannon or oxbow. Not as secure but still extremely strong.
    PATRIOT SERIES P14 $1,199.00
    SCOUT SERIES 14-HAMMERTONE BLACK CHROME $999.00 Love this safe.

    Both have less steel gauge then Gardall though.
    Something to think about:
    The battery leads on my electronic lock on my big Cannon safe broke off

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