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    G 21SF on duty and G 30SF off duty.........
    When seconds count, the police is just a couple minutes away !
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    Ruger - LCP always in the pocket, LC9 IWB when I leave the house. Always +1 with one spare mag each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post

    I don't see any correlation between proficiency and how many rounds it takes to stop an attacker. You could be attacked by a 100lb 15 year-old girl with a knife and it only takes one shot to stop her or you could be attacked by a 260lb MMA fighter on meth and it takes 10 to bring him down. Stranger things have happened. I think the only one showing ignorance around here is you my friend.
    Think what you please, as will I. The ability to place shots on target is a result of proficiency. The more on-target shots is an indicator of less rounds required to obtain the desired result.... stopping the attack. The premise that one must carry an abundance of magazines to be successful in one's defense, is less than accurate.

    Defensive? Nahhhhh... the 1911 is likely the most often "compared to" handgun there ever was... there's quite likely a reason for that. You suit yerself.... I will.
    Only when our arms are sufficient, without doubt, can we be certain, without doubt, that they will never be employed....... John F. Kennedy
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    Little defensive are we? I don't see where anybody ridiculed anything other than you implying that because somebody carries more magazines they're somehow less proficient.
    It's a good general practice to carry at least 1 spare mag. Never know when the floorplate will break and fall off, leaving you with pretty brass rounds playing marbles. Just like carrying a BUG, doesn't hurt to be prepared. I always carry my G36 with a spare mag, and depending on my mood, my G21 with a spare mag also.

    The G30 sits in the table safe next to my bed. Always be ready, what I say.

    The wife always carries the LC9, and usually the LCP. Her G19 sits in her tabletop safe.

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    Bersa Thunder 9 UC Pro w/10 round mag and a spare 17 round mag...OWB, concealed.
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    Lately, I haven't been carrying anything consistently because it's too muggy and I don't like all the sweat and oils touching my carry or holsters (I'm a little cheap lately.) On the average, it's my P22, but I have been carrying the Taurus Judge a lot more often since 45LC has been somewhat available. I have a whopping 7 rounds left in the box.

    These anti-1911 posts are hilarious. It's obvious that you guys have little to no experience with them because if you did, you wouldn't be saying that. Deserteagle, I have both single and double stack 1911s, so you can pretty much throw that crap out the window. Look up STI.

  8. Springfield XD .45 ACP

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodat2710 View Post
    Ruger - LCP always in the pocket, LC9 IWB when I leave the house. Always +1 with one spare mag each.
    That's what I'm talking about, nice combination... extra mags would be nice but not nessessary, if two guns don't get you out of trouble 20 or 30 extra rds wont help and is only extra weight to carry around
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  10. Springfield XD-S .45acp. Spare mag. NateSquared Pro Holster IWB with cargo shorts, Nate's Custom Holsters OWB with jeans/heavier clothing. Winchester Ranger-Ts. Every day.

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    Wealthier PPS 40 with extra mag. When I can hide it my Sig 229 40.

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