24-7 weapon
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    24-7 weapon

    Just woundering what everybody uses for a 24-7 gun, I meen all day everyday without fail its in your pocket, you may also carry something else at times but this gun is like putting on two socks instead of one
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    J frame smith and wesson in the front pocket.

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    Glock 27, every day.

  5. Glock 36

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    In warm months a S&W 642 Airweight .38 loaded with +P. In cool months a Glock 21 .45.

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    Sig 239, 2 spare mags and a Benchmade knife.

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    not a pocket gun but my S&W6906
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    I've taken to carrying my LCR .357 almost everywhere. Concealable with unquestioned stopping power, it rarely goes into the safe.
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    Kahr CM9... all day/ every day ... sometimes in front pocket ... sometimes OWB ... sometimes IWB ... but ALWAYS with me.

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    24-7 weapon

    The only gun a carry everyday without change is my M&P340 .357 as a BUG. My primary carry changes depending on whether I'm concealed/open carrying and wheather.

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