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Thread: Teachers Union VP: Gun Rights Supporters "Are Going to Hell"

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    There are always exceptions but most teachers are progressives. They think the Constitution is outdated and is an obstacle to the socialist Utopian dream. They believe that only the intellectual elite is destined to rule the inferior masses. And of course teachers consider themselves to be part of that elite. They become so accustomed to ruling over their charges that they forget their place as employees of the public.

    Government employees have forgotten that they work for the people. From local to federal, government employees think that they rule us and we exist only as slaves to be exploited by by those destined to rule. I don't know how things have become so twisted. But the government employee unions and career politicians are destroying our republic. These people use their considerable power to intimidate and enslave us. We either have to limit the power of government to those granted by the Constitution or be enslaved by that government. The founders knew that even a good government would eventually become tyrannical because of the corrupt nature of man and the corrupting influence of power.

    The only possible solution to the abuse of power is smaller government. Local control of schools, as has always been tradition in this country, and the privatisation of education would limit the power of teacher unions and the indoctrination of our children.

  3. I'm a teacher and I got away from the MAEafter prayer was taken out of the school system. (Student led praying is permitted). But I could really start another thread when I continually read in the employee manual "teachers are responsible for their students during that class time." The issue of teachers firearm training or armed school security needs not be taken lightly!

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    It is obvious that the teacher-union leader is not a theologian. Jesus said, "Judge not, that you be not judged." Since she did, guess we can return the privilege. So we're back to neurofeces complicated by a seized fecal orifice.

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    Teachers Union VP: Gun Rights Supporters "Are Going to Hell"

    We got where we are because it is my God Damn RIGHT to own and carry a firearm!
    I think anyone who is against the 2nd Amendment should NOT be allowed to call Police (because they carry guns!) to save their ass when their homes are broken into!!
    Don't like the 2A? GOOD!! You should be barred from receiving ANY help from ARMED officers when your bacon is in trouble... Period!

    Now, as such.... Get your pathetic, filthy hands off of my 2A rights!
    You are done and I am done with you!

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
    Much of that may disappear with the current administration. My wife is still disgusted that she is forced to join the union in order to be a teacher.
    I am not going to change the line of thought on this thread, but to Rhino; I agree with your wife, the union should be an open shop. All unions are afraid of too many participants not wanting to join that would prove the point of the union worthless.
    To my thinking, it is the children who are the most important occupants of the school, they deserve all the attention. Not some teacher or administrator that thinks they need more money, union workers are too hard to discipline and too hard to fire for wrong doing, again the children are the most important occupants in a classroom. RANT OFF, just saying.
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  7. Well, when the teachers' union members go to hell, we'll make sure their beds are made for them.

    Do unto others...

  8. Wait, let me get this straight.....most anti gun libs are also atheists who don't believe in God or the Bible, but now they say we're going to hell? Are they coked out of their freakin' minds?

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    I would recommend they not call the cops as they carry evil guns.

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