As if you needed another reason,
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Thread: As if you needed another reason,

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    As if you needed another reason,

    to never go to kalifonia. Don't forget to check your sidewalk chalk at the border.

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    It's sh!t like that, why Blues and Outlaw left years ago. Pathetic people there...

    Also, how has nobody gotten rid of Justin Bieber yet?
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    Damn! Sidewalk chalk! Somebody better tell Bloomberg, I don't think he's onto the potential hazards of sidewalk chalk!

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    You could trip over one of those chalk lines and your gun could just "go off"!
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    Write political messages which criticise the power structure, Multinational Baking Cartel, and you get the book thrown at you. Did you guys notice that the judge essentially told the man's attorney that the constitution wasn't welcome in this court case? He cannot use the 1st amendment in his defense when this court case is all about the 1st amendment. Proof that we are all milk cows... Subjects of the ruling class. No different than it was 800+ years ago. Except the new money changers are called bankers and the lords and kings are called politicians. Pretty soon (if not already) we are not going to have a constitution to try to defend, We will be talking about defending the Magna Carta. Just keeps on going backwards.

  7. This is what happens when you use Bloomberg's banned, childrens' super-sized chalk.

    He should have stuck with the "low cal" chalk we are all so familiar with.

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    Why in hell does anyone want to like in such a kooky place?

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    Why in hell does anyone want to like in such a kooky place?
    Good question. Lived there for 4 years, and I have no intention of ever going back unless it makes a complete U-turn. Really a shame, parts of the state are so beautiful.

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