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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Meet your friend at an FFL in Virginia. He brings the rifles. FFL in Virginia transfers the rifles to you. Then you can pack up the unloaded rifles and ammo in your car and LEGALLY drive with them back to South Carolina. No need for lawyers, this is the legal way people buy guns out of state every day. If these were handguns, they would have to be shipped to an FFL in South Carolina, that is the only difference.
    Yep, I'm a SC resident and I've done this in NC several times... no big deal.
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    I live in South Carolina. My good friend lives in Virginia. I am purchasing 3 rifles and some ammo from him. Do I need to worry about transportation? I was just going to drive up and get them.
    I am not all that certain about the transfer issue. One thing I am certain about is driving thru Washington D.C.: DON'T DO IT! I don't care if you must go thru Kansas to get back to S.C. If you absolutely must enter the D.C. area even by driving around, Do No Stop. The Washington Times has a story entitled "Emily Gets Her Gun." Wonderful piece of journalism. Look in her blogs and see what has happened in the past to those who thought they were legally traveling thru that area. Good luck otherwise.

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