For those who may not have visited the site, here is there "mission" statement...

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What is the Gun Geo Marker? You want to read this first, just so you know what is going on. Don't be too disappointed once you have worked it out.
It is two things. First, it is a speculative design experiment "in the wild" that is to suss out what the parameters of a successful gun safety app might be. For example, the experiment showed that there is great potential for "local use only" mapping applications, or using GPS to constrain use of mapping interfaces only to the place in which one stands. This has applications for public data of a sensitive nature as it disallows arbitrary global browsing, keeping all information into its local context. Also, the ontology for marking dangerous guns owners feels like an excellent start. An aspect of the project which did not work nor did I expect it to in this particular case was the use of anonymous marking of sites. Simply stated, the project suffered numerous hacking attacks that filled the database with false info, not to mention that anti-gun-safety types have also used the app itself as a tool for mischief. It is both sad to see, but also something that I grudgingly admit I have a certain level of respect for as an electronic activist myself. The issues of hacking and intentionally false data might be solved by an organization with sufficient resources through using authentication and some type of verification regimen to ensure the data is of high quality.

Secondly, the App was a honeypot. As a gun owner myself, I am all too aware of a smaller component of the community that sees any attempt at improving gun safety as an affront to their second amendment rights. Reasonable regulations that do not interfere with anyone's second amendment rights such as universal background checks and trigger locks when guns are unattended in the presence of children are needed to help abate the gun violence epidemic in this country. But some places in the United States seem committed to going in the opposite direction, as in Florida where a law was passed preventing medical doctors from asking about gun safety in the home as they might about swimming pool safety. So, the project is also a culture-jamming exercise intended to draw out earnest expressions from the radical anti-gun-safety community, expressions that will now become part of a second phase of the project which involves aesthetic manifestations. The app itself will remain online for a time so that people can play with the user interface, after which it will morph into a purely "documentation" application about the project.

Brett Stalbaum

---- Original App Description, which really does these things ---

Geolocate Dangerous Guns and Owners with the Gun Geo Marker. Geolocation means marking dangerous sites on the App's map so that you and others can be aware of the risks in your neighborhood.

The Gun Geo Marker operates very simply, letting parents and community members mark, or geolocate, sites associated with potentially unsafe guns and gun owners. These locations are typically the homes or businesses of suspected unsafe gun owners, but might also be public lands or other locations where guns are not handled safely, or situations where proper rights to own or use any particular type of firearm may not exist. Electronically marking these locations can help others in the area learn about their geography of risk from gun accidents or violence. No matter what your safety concern with firearms might be, you should feel free to use this tool to provide the most accurate information you can such that others can make their own safety decisions.

As a crowd sourced information tool, the information about dangerous gun sites comes from users. Please follow us at, and

Our app rating is a source of pride. We encourage anyone to look at the reviews and determine for themselves: Is it the quality of app? Or is is what the app does?

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