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Thread: Zimmerman NOT Guilty!

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    Justice for Zimmerman!
    Hell yeah!
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    Quote Originally Posted by XD357grandpa View Post
    If those mobs do start rioting, expect an immediate martial law order. That is what the obozo has been working for.
    I'll bet the Flordia NG was put on standby the second the verdict came in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    I'll bet the Flordia NG was put on standby the second the verdict came in.
    Wrong. They were already in the area before it was announced. If it wasn't so late, I'd go check the shop to see if there is a police car parked there right now.
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    Thumbs up

    Justice for George Zimmerman!.....WOOT WOOT!!
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    I'm sure there are two people glad to hear this verdict beside George and his attorneys, and that's the DA who had to quit and the Police Chief who was fired because they did not arrest Zimmerman and not feel charges were justified.
    They are looking to investigate the prosecution on 2 major issues, 1) lawsuit on malicious prosecution ... and bypassing the grand jury process, and 2) withholding evidence and firing the IT guy in the Prosecutor's office who let the defense team know they had photos of Trayvon with a gun, etc on his phone, and weren't disclosing it to the defense. This could result in some of the prosecutors being disbarred, or at least sanctioned. They should be.
    Some others :
    a) Lawsuits against some media for malicious reporting and distorted, modified news reports (editing to make Zimmerman look bad), etc.
    b) Lawsuit that per Florida law, if they are charged/ prosecuted and found not guilty in a self-defense case, are going to have to pay for his loss of income, legal fees / costs, etc.
    c) George can ask for his gun to be returned, and they have to return it (per the law) since it is no longer needed as evidence and he was found not guilty.
    A violation of civil rights by Holder, I think would end up being a PR nightmare for them and a very bad decision... for them. Despite some that want to make it a black / white & race thing, it's really not. The comments about "this has raised the racial tensions and passions across the country" ... is pure media hype and not true. Maybe in the Orlando area, but NOT across the country. I have a semi-liberal friend, who's been a good friend for 30+ years...... who said that all of the things that have been said over the last year in relation to this case, as they put it " made me feel embarrassed to say I'm black ...... from now on, I'm going to tell everyone I'm a well tanned Puerto Rican".

  7. Does Florida have a civil suit clause where an Obama/DOJ guided, Martin family civil suit (funded by we taxpayers) could be filed?

    If the Obama admin. does back a civil rights/Martin family, wrongful death civil suit, we need to demand action of our reps. in D.C.

    Not that it would do any good, but the conservatives need to grow some balls and start pushing back...hard!

    I was watching some of the commentary after the verdict, and it showed several people out of their minds with hate and vengeance.

    Degenerate subculture types (no race is mentioned here, as more than one was involved) showed the intelligence of a moss-laden rock.

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    The order for the releasing the evidence may have been given, but I am sure that the police won't give it back. Not that I'd ever ask for a Kel-Tec back lol I'd never own one unless there was nothing else available and then I might just grab something heavy to shove in my pocket before going out the door because it's about the same thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigrebnc1861 View Post
    Zimmerman Not Guilty. Obama Administration Considering Federal Charges

    Well here we go again, why doesn't obama stop being a president and go to back to doing what he has proven too excel at? community agitator?
    Then their is the chance of a civil case which is easier for the victims family to win.
    The headline is misleading. The article says nothing to indicate federal charges are being considered. It just supposes that they might be.
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    OH YEAH,
    Zimmerman NOT GUILTY, shouldn't have been charged in the first place........As was the case at first.
    Understandable, your friend, being a "well tanned Puerto Rican". It's not a race thing, it's just self defense!

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    Zimmerman NOT Guilty!

    Piers pulling the "how would you feel" card and, what I think, is a pretty damn good rebuttal and explanation by GZs brother. How do claim you to respect the judicial system while simultaneous basing everything on personal feelings? Nobody gives a sh!t how you feel Piers, it's about the facts.


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