Zimmerman - NOT GUILTY.
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Thread: Zimmerman - NOT GUILTY.

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    Zimmerman - NOT GUILTY.

    I myself personally am happy for him!

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    Glad the jurors had the fortitude to do the right thing, despite the pressure, racial claims, threats, etc. that were made related to this case. Good for them. I was not 'sure' how the jurors would handle this one, and have to hand it to the Juror's for handling it well, and deciding the case based upon the facts and the laws. I had no doubt in my mind, that Zimmerman was innocent of any crime.... and that this was purely justified self-defense.
    IF, Trayvon had been white/Hispanic and George had been black, I would feel exactly the same way about this case. Anyone who would feel differently about the case if George were black ... needs to take a long look at themselves in the mirror...

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    There might be some justice in the justice system afterall...

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    Zimmerman - NOT GUILTY.

    Unfortunately it may not be over. Eric Holder and the DOJ are still looking into the possibility of prosecuting Zimmerman for criminal civil rights violations. Talking about refusing to accept the verdict but then again you couldn't expect anything different. Just wish the black community would wake up and realize that the liberal left doesn't really care about them. They only use them to promote their own agenda. Otherwise they would be outraged every time a black minor was killed and not just when it worked to their advantage. Guess that's too much to hope for.
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