Who among us educates the anti-gunners and their kids?
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Thread: Who among us educates the anti-gunners and their kids?

  1. Who among us educates the anti-gunners and their kids?

    As I was reading a post from the open carry thread http://www.usacarry.com/forums/open-...inquiry-4.html I came across this post...

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    Yesterday while at the grocery store checkout a young lady (looked late teens) was bagging my groceries and also sent them outside for me to pick in the drive thru. When I got outside to pick up my purchase the same young lady was outside loading groceries into customers cars. She didn't load mine for me but got my attention by calling out "Hey, nice gun". I thanked her but didn't have time to speak with her to see if she were a shooter.
    Out youth today is the population that needs to become comfortable and trained to accept and use firearms of all types. For only then will we be more able to confront the future of our 2nd Amendment in this country.
    Although short, this young ladies response to my open carry felt good and her not worrying about who heard her say it was refreshing.
    Specifically the bold.
    It made me think of 2 occasions where I have had my God children's friends out with us when the kids asked to target shoot.
    I will not allow any firearms out unless ALL parents have agreed to it. I have however had non approving parents change their minds after the kids provoke the conversation. I will explain my "range rules" and my education methods I use for firearm safety with my God children and any others who are interested.

    One of those parents shoots with me regularly and is now a gun owner.

    Any others on here have similar educational experiences?

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    Physical hands on instruction is great for our youth as a learning experience, my first experience was in the church basement in Steubenville, Ohio in 1957-58 when I was in grade school and my grandmother donated money to buy daisy BB guns for my father to teach safe gun handling and marksmanship to the local youth.
    Times have changed but our youth still absorbs more than we as parents could ever imagine. If we don't provide honest open dialogue they will get their answers from whatever source is willing to provide an answer. An answer that may not be in line with our thinking, currently proper or even the whole truth. So it starts at home with being open to any discussion our children wish to create and our being intuitive enough to realize where their interest lie and our becoming involved.
    With parents working multiple jobs, kids having to belong or participate in everything available, time is precious and requires that we as parents set limits so that our children have family time. Time reserved for no outside interference, time prescribed for connecting with each other as a family unit, to bond, learn where everyone is headed and being open-minded enough to advise and reassure solid moral principles (not dictating behavior other than illegal).
    We are our youths future.
    I'd rather be a Conservative Nutjob. Than a Liberal with NO Nuts & NO Job

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