Missouri: Right-to-Carry Reform Signed into Law
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Thread: Missouri: Right-to-Carry Reform Signed into Law

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    Missouri: Right-to-Carry Reform Signed into Law

    Missouri: Right-to-Carry Reform Signed into Law

    Posted on July 12, 2013

    Today, Governor Jay Nixon (D) signed into law Senate Bill 75, critical right-to-carry reform legislation. Sponsored by state Senator Dan Brown (R-16) and state Representative Eric Burlison (R-133), this new law seeks to reform Missouri’s existing concealed carry process. Starting January 1, 2014, sheriffs will now be the issuing authority for all concealed carry permits. Additionally, it allows schools to annually teach the NRA Eddie Eagle Gunsafe® Program to help keep children safe.
    Many thanks to those state legislators who voted in support of this right-to-carry reform as well as the ability to keep kids safe by educating them on firearm safety. Please contact state Representative Eric Burlison, state Senator Dan Brown and Governor Nixon to express your appreciation for their work and support to enact these critical reforms.
    Governor Jay Nixon:
    (573) 751-3222
    Click here to send an e-mail.
    What a great move on Missouri's part to help educate children about firearms! What say you?NRA-ILA | Missouri Right-to-Carry Reform Signed into Law
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    It is good to see any legislative branch understand the importance of protecting their citizens rights under the law and their taking the proper steps to ensure that it happens in a timely manner. Residents of MO have a right to be proud of their legislative body this time.
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