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  1. Good morning everyone. I would like to say thank you for all of your help and advice especially (NavyLCDR). Just so you know sir, Never did I say I know more than anyone else as you stated, I posted that information on there not sure if any of that information wouldve helped in my original post. With that, I did some extra digging and the math and I decided that it would be less difficult just buying an AR-15 in California. The only thing that sucks buying it here is that damn 8.5 percent sales tax but its only $64 so I think I would rather pay that then take the risks or lack of information with the federal penal code pertaining to firearms. Again, thank you for all of your time and information helping me decide a good avenue of approch with this and to NavyLCDR I apologize if I came off as a smart ass or quick to judgement. Thank you sir for the information needed for making the right and safe choice for buying an AR-15. I cant wait to get it and go to a range. Have a great day.

  3. I too apologize, usmcspires6803, for ASSuming that you were being a smart ass. You are certainly a very honorable person and Marine and a great patriot to us all.

    Something else that you might find helpful for making purchases from FFLs while on active duty is pages 135-136 (printed page numbers) of this document:

    The last paragraph of ATF Rule 2001-5 sums it up that the only identification you need to meet Federal law requirements is your active duty military ID card and a copy of your orders to the state you are purchasing in. States may have their own additional requirements, though.
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  4. usmcspires6803

    Good evening sir,
    Thought I would send a message directly to you to say thank you very much for the message earlier and all of the information. That last part is actually how I've been able to buy guns in California but still keeping my Oregon residency. But anyways I hope we can exchange more information back and forth and I hope to gain the knowledge about the laws as you have. Thank you again sir. Have a good night.

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