Robber pulls BB gun, Clerk pulls a real gun
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Thread: Robber pulls BB gun, Clerk pulls a real gun

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    Robber pulls BB gun, Clerk pulls a real gun

    I'm glad it worked out well for the clerk but how many mistakes can you count that the clerk made?

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    Wonder if the clerk realized it was a BB gun?

    Stunning that the perp isn't in the hospital or morgue, or the clerk for allowing the perp to grab his gun hand. Pretty dang stupid to stick the gun in the perps face. The clerk would have been justified if he double tapped the bg. And the clerk must be a gang member based on his sideways grip.
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    Clerk is a total dumbass for putting his gun out where it can be grabbed. He is also stupid for coming out from behind his counter and putting himself in a position to have physical altercation and as for the sideways grip what a jackass get to the range and learn proper technique

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    Robber pulls BB gun, Clerk pulls a real gun

    It wouldn't surprise me if the clerk had a BB gun too... Who's sticks the gun out in the guys face where it can be grabbed? On top of that, he's either dumb as sh!t for not just shooting that guy, or the robber is extremely lucky that the clerk realized it was a BB gun. The restaurant I worked at in high school got robbed once. I wasn't there at the time but one of my coworkers not only recognized the gun as an airsoft pistol, but he recognized the masked robber as a former employee. Manager hit the silent alarm and my coworker chased him out the back and tackled him where he laid a pretty good beating on the suspect.

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    Immediate double-tap is the answer. Period.
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    Now that's funny!
    If it doesn't fit, FORCE it! If it breaks then it needed to be replaced anyway.

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    ...looks like both guys were BIG fans of B-grade (or worse) movies... but then comedy is always fun... so, thanks for the video!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSlick View Post
    I'm glad it worked out well for the clerk but how many mistakes can you count that the clerk made?

    That clerk made way too many mistakes imvho.
    I would have responded with deadly force because the perp's 'firearm' looked real enough to me.
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    someone did that to a mcdonalds a college friend was working at a few years ago. he got a few thousand dollars AND managed to feel up some high school girls, which won him a well deserved spot on the sex offender registry when he was caught a few weeks later. ever since that, ive made a mental note to look at the muzzle if possible. and i wear a chastity belt at all times.

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    I believe the clerk was using the "Gangsta" grip. Only recommended for idiots.

    TCD, any chaffing from that belt??? just sayin.

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