Illegal discharge
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    Illegal discharge

    Just saw on the news ( caught end so don't know where) a man was arrested for discharging a weapon in city limits. He fired 2 shotgun shots in the air to scare off a couple would be robbers. He said "I was just doin what Joe Biden said to do". Couldn't help but laugh and share.

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    Perfect defense ... "Operating under Vise-Presidential orders!" LOL

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    Depending on which state he's located in would determine if he needed to "try and retreat"...he should have waited til they were inside his home.....THEN, in a state like NY, he could have argued that they backed him into a corner or he otherwise had nowhere to retreat...or if in a Castle Doctrine state, could have legally fired his "warning" mass.

    I think it would be interesting if his lawyer brought a tape of Joe Biden into court as part of the defense...of course after alerting all of the media. Likely only Fox would cover it.

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    Illegal discharge

    I looked and it was in Washington state, the Deputy told him city ordinance didn't allow Joes advice. Now that's funny

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    As usual...when Biden or Obama open their mouths...****** comes out. Who would actually think a politician's advice...especially theirs.... is sound anyway?

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    Illegal discharge

    If I were in his shoes. I'd take the charge, then she the living crap out of Biden citing his legal advice. Make a few million.
    Guns.??? What Guns???

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    It was only one "blast", not the recommended two, so he's in trouble.
    Vancouver man's gun shooting defense: Biden |

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    Too bad there were no doors to shoot through.

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