Barkley's logic superior to Zimmerman case
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Thread: Barkley's logic superior to Zimmerman case

  1. Barkley's logic superior to Zimmerman case

    Great take by Sir Charles.

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    He does understand the case unlike Holder and the rest of the rabble-rousers.
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  4. Probably the best three sentence summary around, as he states
    too much about race and not enough about the evidence.
    while noting
    people who covered the murder trial so vigorously had their own agenda to push through. Barkley also believes racism is not the exclusive property of the white community. Barkley said black people are equally capable of racism.
    At Charles Barkley Says He Agrees With George Zimmerman Verdict In Trayvon Martin Case [VIDEO] : Latin Times

    Ugly truths, but it's time to firmly face the situation and lift up the bull's tail and deal with it. Anyone notice the lack of links to the slip opinion of the court that is usually linked in other cases, or is it just me?

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    I knew that there was a reason that I always likeed Barkley even though I have never been a basketball fan.

  6. Strange,i havent heard or read that anywhere

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    sir charles was right on the money.

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