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  1. Quote Originally Posted by K7lvo View Post
    You don't really think that was the image Martin was displaying that night, do you?
    And exactly what image do YOU think Martin was displaying that night? What image other than a teenage black male wearing a hoodie walking at night/early morning? Was he pulling on car door handles trying to find one unlocked? No. Was he looking in windows trying to find empty houses? No. Was he walking through people's yards? No. What was it about Martin that made him more "suspicious" for being out late at night/early morning than would have been "suspicious" about Zimmerman being out late at night/early morning?

    In fact, put your self in Martin's shoes for a minute. He's walking home from the convenience store and some white guy comes up to him out of no where in the middle of the night. From Martin's standpoint, now who should be suspicious of whom?
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbad6255 View Post
    At any moment any one of us can find ourselves in a situation which could result in us drawing and firing.
    In George's case, he decided to put himself into such a situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbad6255 View Post
    God forbid that to happen but it could.
    George himself could have forbidden it. He actually tried to lay it on God too in his Hannity interview. Maybe you are GZ.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbad6255 View Post
    All the defensive pistol training, all the safety instruction, all the range time can not prepare you for a real life situation in which the adrenalin is flowing, hearts are pounding arms are flailing etc.
    Do you happen to know what level of training George has achieved? Somehow, as someone who has gone to great personal expense and physical challenges to acquire a high level of training and proficiency, I think that just the word "all" is most likely a vast exaggeration in relation to George Zimmerman in that regard.

    If he had advanced training, adrenaline rush issues would've been minimized, if not mostly manageable.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbad6255 View Post
    ....do I literally want to be George Zimmerman? Of course not. Am I making him out to be a hero? Of course not, Am I making him out to be an idol? Equally no. He is an ordinary citizen, like me who chose to carry, like me. Thats the link to I am George Zimmerman.
    He made just as many choices on that one night that should make you want to distance yourself from him than just the choice to carry as a life-choice. Are you trying nonetheless to start some "concept" movement to "Be Like George?" Of course you are.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbad6255 View Post
    And there are hundreds of thousands of us out there from young moms to senior citizens who at any moment could find themselves having to defend their life with deadly force, just like George Zimmerman.
    Absolutely ridiculous. GZ didn't just "at any moment find" himself in a life-threatening situation, he actively pursued it! And he pursued it without so much as the wherewithal to answer, "What are you following me for," with, "I'm the neighborhood watch Captain and the police are on their way. I can call them off if you'd tell me why you're skulking around back here."

    Even before that, he could've diffused the situation before it ever began by just offering the guy a lift out of the rain, or just cracking his window and offering to help him find the address he was looking for.

    In any case, he hardly just "found" himself in a bad situation. He over-extended his under-trained abilities to deal with people in the capacity of someone who thought he was qualified to identify a "suspect" simply by virtue of the kid wearing a hoodie and not walking fast enough for George's tastes.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbad6255 View Post
    So who is to blame? I believe its society itself. From the All children are winners there are no losers, to the lack of accountability for actions, to fatherless homes, to the black leaders (Al Sharpton, Rev Wright, Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, The New Black Panthers etc) who continue to perpetuate race as an excuse instead of fostering accountability among young black men, to the entertainment industry that glamorizes gang banger rappers in movies and music videos to the biased news media.
    Good freakin' grief! Are you serious? Here's who is to blame:

    1) George Zimmerman for not either making a friendly, non-confrontational initial contact, then getting out and away from his truck (whether or not we call that "following," tactically-speaking, that was a terrible decision), and then when surprised and confronted by Martin, not being situationally-aware enough to avoid or defend against that first punch.

    2) Trayvon Martin for throwing that first punch and continuing the assault beyond just letting the stranger know he didn't like being followed. He's to blame for bring a pair of fists to what he himself caused to turn into a gunfight.

    Society and all that other psycho-babble had nothing -- N-O-T-H-I-N-G -- to do with it. Two people met in a dark back alley (for lack of a better word) and spent the next minute or so in hand-to-hand combat that they both contributed to creating the circumstances that brought them together to engage in. One of 'em had a gun. He won. Period.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbad6255 View Post
    Here is a clear example of the media bias towards keeping race an issue.. I read today on AOL news that GZ came out of hiding (at risk to his own well being since there have been many death threats made) only to help a family in need when their SUV rolled over and trapped them inside. He helped pull all four out and to safety before their vehicle caught on fire. I watched the evening news (both NBC and CBS and saw lots of footage about the birth of the new prince, the Pope in Brazil, and other mundane events) no mention at all about GZ's heroic act.
    It was mentioned several times on Faux News throughout the day, but whatever. That act goes towards substantiating his claim of being a good person with good intentions yada yada yada, but it doesn't absolve him of his share of responsibility for what happened on 2/26/12 at The Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbad6255 View Post
    Last week i saw a black woman carrying a sign that read I Am Trayvon Martin. The implication being that because she's black, she is Trayvon Martin. The flip side to that then is because I carry for self defense, I am George Zimmerman. However, I feel that because I/we carry, we do not have the right to instigate trouble, but are to be responsible and vigilant to avoid confrontation. I the case where trouble can not be avoided I will use deadly force if my life or that of my families is being threatened.
    So the proper answer to the most unjustifiable race-pimping in modern history is to create another ridiculous meme and try to start another unjustifiable nationwide meme around that? You asked yourself above if Zimmerman was a hero, and answered yourself with an emphatic, "Of course not," yet your answer to making a national martyr out of Trayvon Martin is to make George Zimmerman out to be the Patron Saint of concealed carriers? What happened to "Of course not?" It doesn't square with the title of your thread, or anything you've said since opening it. Of course it's hero-worship.

    If you want to give props to concealed carriers who really do just spontaneously find themselves in life-or-death situations, how about Justin Michael Harrison? There are literally hundreds over the last several years to pick from whose tactics and awareness were sound, and whose lives weren't ruined because their hands were completely clean, not just "more or less" clean like GZ's.

    Quote Originally Posted by K7lvo View Post
    We only have the verbal description of what Zimmerman saw. Whatever he saw made him suspicious - one Martin's subsequent actions certainly proved that Zimmerman's suspicions were justified.
    Gee, trace amounts of pot in the bloodstream validates Zimmerman's total and complete conjecture about him looking like he was on drugs? A screwdriver in his locker at school validates Zimmerman's suspicions that he was at Twin Lakes on some super-cat-burglar mission? He was there visiting his dad's girlfriend with his dad who was back at the apartment waiting for him to watch a basketball game. Nothing that has come out about his smoking pot or being suspected of theft previous to that night has any bearing whatsoever on Zimmerman's exaggerated sense of suspicion he knee-jerked into within the first couple of seconds of seeing Martin. A hoodie and walking in the rain was the totality of the valid observations Zimmerman made before calling the cops.

    Quote Originally Posted by K7lvo View Post
    With respect, I'm seeing WAY too much Monday morning quarterbacking going on here. I still say that, knowing what Zimmerman knew when he started observing Martin, there's a good chance I would have done the same thing.
    Next time it rains in your neighborhood then, put on your North Face Soft-Shell jacket and go out hoodie-huntin'. Because that's all that Zimmerman "knew" when he called the police. And he did absolutely nothing to confirm if his suspicion was justified except follow him in his truck, stopping once at the Clubhouse, and again where he parked and Martin supposedly "circled" his vehicle. At any time before getting out, preferably before he's got the kid scared enough to challenge him by circling, he could have identified himself or offered the wet kid some help.

    Monday-morning quarterbacking is what we do here whenever a shooting that we're talking about comes up. It's smart to perform after-action evaluations on both ourselves as we perceive we would react in similar situations, and on the shooter who may or may not have made mistakes worth being knowledgeable about. You say above that now, with foreknowledge of how it turned out when Zimmerman made the mistakes he did, you wouldn't do the same things. That's because you've done a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking in your own mind and have decided you'd like to avoid what GZ has put himself through by making those mistakes. Not sure why you think anyone else is doing WAY too much of it when you've done the exact same thing, even if you have kept it to yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by K7lvo View Post
    Conversely, knowing what we know now, not so much. And, as has been said, if Zimmerman had it to do over, he'd do it differently. Hindsight is 20/20...
    That's not what he, himself, said on the Hannity interview! He was asked specifically if he wished he did anything differently and he said no, he thought it was all part of God's plan!

    I mean OK, the verdict was right, but why people want to hold this guy up as Saint George is just beyond me. He has avoided taking responsibility for any mistakes at every single turn. The cop who was basically on his side at trial asked him in the "challenge interview" why he didn't just identify himself. That cop recognized his mistake in that regard, but Zimmerman never admitted that it was both a tactical mistake, and a contributing factor to a 17 year old being killed that night.

    I don't know man.....Just let the martyr-worshipers get it out of their systems and drop the knee-jerk instinct to canonize George Zimmerman in response to it. There are such better examples of laudable and heroic concealed carriers to hold up as the best among us. Holding up a national pariah, whether deserved or not, does nothing to help our image, or our 2A rights-advocacy.

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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