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  1. self-defense liability insurance

    I am new to this site, so please forgive me if I am asking an already hashed over topic. Here's my question - I have seen articles regarding the cost of your legal defense in case you have to use your gun in self defense. I can't imagine the legal fees that George Zimmerman must have incurred. There are a few legal defense insurance policies out there for this. Does anyone know anything about any of them? How do you know that they are legitimate and will be there if you need them? Any recommendations?

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    Hi. I was worried about that too. My husband both carry concealed. Started looking on the Internet and found USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) and they have a policy called Self-Defense SHIELD. There are 3 levels Silver, Gold and Platinum. It gives you money for lawyers, civil suit defense, criminal defense bail bond funding. Honestly I don't know if this is real but for $200 a year for the Gold Plus plan should I ever use my gun I pray I then won't lose everything. To me it's worth the gamble.

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    I use the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network. It was started by some very prominent figures in the firearms world, including Massad Ayoob. I was told once that many of the benefits of the USCCA program only pay after you're found not guilty, but I'm not sure if that's true or not. I believe they've also changed their program recently, so what was once possibly true may not be so now. Regardless of which program does what, check the details of any program carefully before signing on the dotted line.
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    Insurance companies are the mafia of the millennium. You pay crazy premiums for health insurance and they deny the medical necessity of claims. You buy auto insurance and they nickel and dime your repairs. A house fire? Forget ever getting full value back. Now self-defense insurance? They'll send you to their "in network" lawyers and you'll be sure you get the worst dumb-ass attorney on earth. Like that stuttering lawyer in "My Cousin Vinny." Ma... ma ma m m m ma, ma client is n n n inno cecent.

  7. and I would think some litigation cases that even approaches even half a trial like Zimmerman's, would put you and your family in the poor house regardless of the type of insurance and amounts offered......

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    Is there an insurance program that has actually been .factually evaluated by a trusted third party?

    I suspect most states require anyone issuing insurance in the state to file appropriate information, but I have no idea if this really accomplishes anything other than jacking up costs.

    Do any of the possible issuers have any verifiable track record?

    It seems like a good idea; but we need more details on the legitimacy and resources of the offered plans. It may be that an umbrella policy on your home owners policy may deal with it. But without a clear statement from your insurer, I would not assume that is true.

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    A good organization to join is the USCCA. United States Concealed Carry Association. They have a membership benefit called the shield defense fund. Depending on your membership level you can be protected from costs due to self defense from 50 to 300 thousand dollars. Check them out. They do provide other benefits too.
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    1. Insurance companies have very good bill collecting departments and very small insurance payment departments--keep that in mind if you think this is the solution to this problem.
    2. In many states (most likely not NY), you are free of civil liability for a good shoot. That does not mean that anyone or everyone cannot bring suit in this asylum formerly known as the USA. I doubt if a policy would have just been there in the Zim case and picked up his expenses, so take that for whatever it is worth.
    3. Bottom line: You own a firearm; due diligence on your part demands that you understand the laws surrounding its use for defense. Regardless of $$ and insurance etal, if you own a firearm and are in imminent danger you should have already convinced yourself that you will use it to defend yourself--if $$ and insurance are still a priority I suggest you put the firearm away--this is an "all in" decision--no doubts, no other considerations---you delay or think to much you can be killed with your own firearm.
    4. I still think that 'situational awareness(SA)" is numero uno on the "to do" list. You have a firearm because you have some concern somehow, someway, somewhere. SA demands that you use your head about how, where, what and who you do things with as you conduct your life 24/7. If there is a possibility of a confrontation--you run, you evade--you do anything and everything to avoid the final showdown--you do all these things while yelling that you do not want this confrontation (anyone within listening range is now a witness).

  11. In a case like Zimmerman, the prosecution would have brought out the fact that he had "self defense insurance" and would argue that it showed a planned intent to use the gun.
    There will not be any winners in a fight like this. You have to decide if your life is in danger and is it worth the risk of losing everything you own. Using a gun should be a last resort and if you want to carry, think beforehand of what you are willing to do. The real world will not be like a hollywood movie.

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