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    I have a sub compact. Great gun.

    I always smack every magazine to push the cartridges back. I do it twice, and there is a different sound the first time, as the rounds move back. I do this on every magazine, every brand and type of firearm, right after I load them, and again, time allowed, as I load them into the gun.

    In a combat situation, I would let circumstances dictate if it was prudent to do so when changing mags.

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    I used to shoot the WWB .40 in my PX4 almost exclusively until I couldn't find it... now I mostly shoot Freedom Munitions reloads..

    But, I've (almost) NEVER experienced a feeding problem with my PX4 in roughly 4000rds through it, until in one combat class last month in the pouring rain, I got a double feed. For some reason, I've picked up the habit of tapping the magazine to seat all of the rounds back. Maybe that's helped, I dunno. I'll certainly keep up the habit after reading your thread, though. :)

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    Thanks Cape that did it. Never had that issue before except in the army with old metal m16 mags
    Glad it worked out for you, I get funny looks when I'm at the range but i also get a lot of guys ask why i'm doing that and now they do it. I even do it to my single stack mags on my other guns. Happy shooting.

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