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Thread: Teachers Concealed Carry in Clarksville, AR

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    Saw on the local news tonight that the Clarksville School District is going ahead with their plans, as they have all the legal documents necessary to proceed. Arkansas AG McDaniel and others have demanded that a list of all the "protectors" be submitted to all media outlets. That information is readily available with an FOIA search, and the Superintendent has refused to make a media circus as AG McDaniel desires. The Superintendent will give a list to any parents who ask for it, and many, of course want to know. No problem.

    Ironically, Arkansas' CHCL permit information is no longer FOIA material, and ASP records were sealed per the law, but not before at least one left wing media outlet got all the information before it was sealed and printed it in their media. The fallout from that last act of media defiance was swift, and decisive. The media outlet apologized, somewhat, and took the info offline.

    My Learning Curve (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note) | Arkansas Business News | ArkansasBusiness.com

    It's good to see Clarksville School District "bucking the bozo" (McDaniel), but who knows what the next ploy of the AG will be? Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel!
    I agree! I'm happy to see Clarksville going ahead and doing what is right and not bowing to threats and intimidation.

    The story of the Arkansas CHCL permit holders being obtained and published is actually quite funny. The week after the info was obtained and printed, someone went to the home of the person who released the info to the public, took a picture of her front door, and posted it on Facebook along with her name and address. (All obtained legally--no trespassing, nothing) Right after that, this woman decided that even though she COULD release the information, it might not have been a good idea to do so. So she took it down!

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    I thought that AR passed an Act that protects CC'ers from having their name and addresses from being published?
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  4. They did for CHCL licensees, ge. Armed security guards' information is still available through the FOIA. Totally different animal from us. I was considering advanced training from the same company that Clarksville used, as they have classes at a range a few miles from me (Massad Ayoob also teaches there), but it was too cost prohibitive. Add 1,000 rounds of ammo for my .45 used during the training over 3 to 4 days, and it is even worse. Massad' s fees were even higher, but I bet the instruction is a bit more intense.

    I could buy a small caliber sidearm and ammo for it for the cost of my .45 ammo alone.

    Anyway, glad Clarksville is bucking antis to keep these kids safe. We have too many ignorant shrinking violets crying the sky is falling...even hopeless hoplophobia is present here too, due to MSM bias and lies. I like the Freudian definition of them (hoplophobes).

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    I thought that AR passed an Act that protects CC'ers from having their name and addresses from being published?
    Yes, they did. The CHCL holders' info was printed just before the new law was set to go into effect.

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