Hey, just thought I'd share a "discovery" I've made here in the Saint Louis, Missouri greater metro area.

Asymmetric Solutions in Farmington, Missouri.

This is a great outfit and I've taken several classes already: Combat Pistol Level I and II and Combat Carbine Level I and II

Here is what I like about it.

The instructors with Asymmetric are guys who have authentic, real-life forces operators and others with real life combat experience. They treat everyone with respect and courtesy and never make you feel like an idiot if you don't know something. They work with individuals to help you continue to increase your skills.

The heavily emphasize safety, even while running the classes on a dynamic range.

The facility is fantastic. They have a 14,000 square foot shoot house that is very useful for all sorts of scenarios, from home defense, to breaching, to learning how to clear through a house by yourself, or with a team.

They just recently opened up for civilian training courses and you can check out what they offer here:

Asymmetric Solutions USA // The Premier Firearms Training Facility and Outdoor Shooting Range in the Midwest

They are located in rural Missouri, SE of Saint Louis, about an hour or so. There is a small regional airport nearby in case anyone wanted to fly in for classes.

They can, and will, dial the training up or down according to your personal skill sets, etc.

The training day with Carbines began with basic handling practice, always with a view toward using the carbine as a fighting tool. Economy of motion is emphasized. We ran several malfunction drills, loading drills, and all sorts of move and shoot drills, learning how to hold the rifle properly at low ready and get it on target accurately. We transitioned over to live fire first on paper, shooting at 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper and moving further back until accuracy dropped off. We learned how to move and shoot as teams of two, three and four. We ran several scenarios ranging from ambush on foot to ambush in vehicle. Shooting steel plate targets was great. And so forth, it was a very full and complete two day course, etc.