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    Taurus PT-709 Slim

    I purchased a Taurus PT-709 Slim recently at a gun show and I am having a hard time finding extra magazines for it. Anyone know where they are available?

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    Not exactly sure where you're from but I bought my last 4 from Fleet Farm they were about $34 mag

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  4. I bought some mags for my Taurus PT-740 from climags.com a couple of months ago.

  5. Glad to see some Taurus PT guys on here. I carry a PT140 Mil Pro. Very underrated line of firearms IMO. And the G2 appears to be even better.

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    Just got 3 mags today for a PT740 from Acadamy Sports. Look up their website to see if they have them for a 709. I believe if You order more than $39 they ship for free. I paid a little more and got them delivered in 2 days.

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  7. Pt145,love it

  8. Anyone try their Millenium G2?

  9. Try Midway usa or Taurus website.

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