Extreme scare tactics: Teachers union boss aims to terrify students....
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Thread: Extreme scare tactics: Teachers union boss aims to terrify students....

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    Extreme scare tactics: Teachers union boss aims to terrify students....

    New Jersey AFT president Donna Chiara took scare tactics to new lows today on the Today show. The goal is obviously to terrify students, primarily, and their parents as well about the possibility that a teacher could be legally carrying a firearm. Carson Daly, filling in for Matt Lauer this week, primed Chiara to launch into her paranoid tirade:

    Daly: ""Donna, you're a teacher. What's the impact what do you think the impact would be on a child if they knew their teacher was carrying a gun?"

    DONNA CHIERA: In today's society, where students see television where if someone gets angry, they pull a gun, a classroom, a school is supposed to be a safe haven. A classroom is someplace where magic happens, and it happens when there is a comfortable feeling between teachers and students. I would hate for students to say, "Oh, my goodness, if I answer the wrong question, is my teacher going to shoot me? If I make my teacher angry, is my teacher going to shoot me?"

    DALY: Do you think they would they make that connection?

    CHIERA: I think, because of the media and everything they've been exposed to, where people on a regular basis they see on TV, someone got mad and pulled out a gun. I also think it impacts parents. Parents many times come into classrooms to have uncomfortable conversations with teachers. And I wouldn't want parents to come in and be hesitant to say something to me with, "Is this the teacher who's packing the gun and what do I have to be fearful?" I think it would make an environment of fear.
    Daly ends the segment by observing, "Well, it's a healthy discussion."

    NBC Asks: 'If I Answer the Wrong Question, Is My Teacher Going to Shoot Me?' | NewsBusters

    Obviously, events beginning with Columbine had demonstrated that classrooms are anything but "safe havens." Frankly, if I had discovered that one of MY teachers had been carrying a firearm, they would have attained rockstar status! How things have changed.

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    Sounds like instead of getting the teacher to get rid of the gun, the media needs to change their way. But then we already knew that.
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