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Thread: What is your carry of choice?

  1. STAHP! You guys are making me want to buy more handguns! *fondles his Ruger LC9 and Bersa Thunder 380 DLX*

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    LCP in DeSantis pocket holster when working. Glock 17 in Foxx hybrid IWB the rest of the time. Always a spare magazine and a Gerber foldable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by averyrma View Post
    What is your carry of choice?
    I carry a glock 27 sw .40. Any one else carry the same? Or do you like another and why?
    Well, My choice is a Gun but since Springfield has mine and wont return it I guess I'll carry a couple rocks in my pocket. Sure wish Springfield Armory would get the damn things fixed and stop acting incompetent.

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    Either my .380 which is 7 + 1 or my .32 which is 10 + 1 actually I really like the .32

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    Springfield Armory EMP .40

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    I went with the big boy .40 Glock. I carry the G22, gen 4 with TFO sights.
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    Glock 34, M&P 9 pro, !911(not at the same time) and I always have a J frame.
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  9. I was carrying the XDs .45 but since SA still have it I went out and bought a Glock 19 Gen 4 carrying in a alien gear holster iwb.

  10. .40 is my caliber. I like it, and am used to it. Depending on weather/clothing when I carry. Summertime: I carry my Sig 250 compact Tritium sights in my N82 IWB holster. Wintertime, when I can cover easier, full sized XDm .40 (17 rounds!), Tritium sights, in my Blackhawk CQC Serpa paddle holster. Most of my pistols are chambered in .40, but lately I am tinkering with .357sig. I have the barrel swapped out currently in my P250 to the .357sig. I like the round. I have not gotten a .357sig barrel for the XDm yet, but when I do, I tink that will be my overall carry caliber. I like the round and so do a lot of agencies - because of better penetration. I like both the pistols because the grip on both feel right. The angle of Glocks are all wrong in my hand. Sig's fit my hand like a glove, the 250 trigger is silky smooth and I do not mind the long DAO trigger. The XDm has a great grip and trigger feel as well. If I opened carried, I would probably always carry the XDm or my old P229(.40) But I CC, because of the tactical advantage. I am an artist, rather unassuming, and do not have the 'tacticool' haircut, 5.11 shirt, or 'shoot me first' vest...and it just makes sense to have whatever advantage I could get. Besides, regardless of my thinking they are totally naive and wrong, I do not want people to feel uncomfortable. So, I just quietly carry.

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    I carry a Glock 19 primarily. I will occasionally carry my Sig Mark 25 when I wear a heavy coat.

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