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Thread: What is your carry of choice?

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    I live in Florida in the summertime it is just to hot to wear a lot of clothing, so I will carry my lcp. It doesn't require a lot of clothing to hide it. When my wife forces me to dress casual, I will carry my lc9 in a iwb holster. When it finally cools down around Nov, I will carry my SR40c in a iwb Crossbreed (nice holster) Yeah as you can tell I like Ruger

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    A Sig 1911 Ultra in a IWB holster with and extra mag on my belt.

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    SR9c or SR40c, and the LCP for those "Oh crap, I gotta run to the store" moments.

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    I carry a glock 27 sw .40. Any one else carry the same? Or do you like another and why?
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    Carry gun of choice with me is my Glock 20 Gen4... but it occasionally sits one out so my G29 gets a turn.
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  8. I seriously try to always carry my Colt Defender 1911 3". For me I like the instantaneous readiness of cocked and unlocked. This is simply a faster response to a viable threat that a DA or DA/SA configuration in my opinion. Now, enter the glock guys and the claims of how glocks are superior to 1911's....LOL

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