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Thread: What is your carry of choice?

  1. At the moment I've got a Kahr P9 in a Crossbreed Holster in my shorts. I've got a backup mag in pocket mag holster in my pocket. Holster sits at about 9 o'clock as I'm a lefty. For the times I carry a BUG or need something quick and easy to pocket, it's the Kahr 380 with night sights. Love that little pistol. I also have a Springfield XD .45 ACP that I use for home defense or to carry in cooler weather as it fits well on my belt under a hoodie in a Tagua leather holster with either the 10 or 13 round mags.

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    Colt combat commander 45, 8 round mag in gun, two spare on belt, sometimes four spare, knife, flashlight and mindset.

  4. EAA windicator 357mag/38sp 4"

  5. I carry a Kahr CW9 most of the time. I like the thinness of this weapon and easy to carry. If I feel I need to go into a more power I bring out the SIG P229 in 40 S&W or the Springfield loaded 1911 in 45 ACP. They all work for me.
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    I've been carrying a S&W SD40VE lately because .40 is plentiful around here. Sometimes I carry my Judge. Usually, it's my Colt Defender in .40 or my STI Eagle in 9mm, also have the .45. Stopped carrying those because of capacity and ammo shortage.

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    What is your carry of choice?

    Gen 3 Glock 22. Is my preferred carry. But due to mag restrictions in the state I'm carrying a SIG 229.
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  8. i carry a Taurus Judge with Federal 410/000buck in a Uncle Mike's SOB holster

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    XDs 9. Thin and light, amazingly easy carry. 7 +1, plus extra mag is easy to carry in a pocket.

    Cooler, cold weather, XD40sc at 9 +1, easier to conceal with heavier clothing.

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  10. XDs 45 ACP easy to conceal

  11. I carry either a full or compact M&P 40. in a OWB DeSantis holster. Sometimes I do go old school with a Ruger Speed Six in a sholder holster.

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