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Thread: What is your carry of choice?

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    I carry a Gen 4 Glock 23. I like it because here in MN people tend to wear layers of cloths to stay warm in the winter.

  3. Glock 17 IWB, extra mag.

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    I carry either a Keltec PF9 or a Sig P250c 9mm depending on what I wear on that day.

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    The Glock 23 itw or ruger LCP 380. The 380 is easily concealed in the summer or on warmer days.

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    I generally carry a Springfield XD in .40 IWB. If not the XD, then a Sig P232 in my pocket.

  7. What is your carry of choice?

    In the summer I carry a Taurus 709 Slim 9mm and in the winter months I carry my Glock 22.

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    I just started open carrying & I have had more posative then negative & I'm sure I've gotten a lot of looks that I wasn't aware of.

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    Ruger LCP in the summer and have a Kel Tec P11 for the winter.

  10. Browning High Power Mk III in 40 S&W with Speer Gold Dot or Remington Golden Saber in a Wilson IWB strong side, 2 spare magazines on the belt over the left back pocket anytime I step out the door 99% of the time. Spare ammo and trauma pack in the car. Glock 26 Gen 1 for ultra discreet carry with a spare 19 round magazine with the same brands as above in 9mm with a small of the back left hand carry or Thunder Wear.

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    I carry a Glock 19 or a Kahr CW9. My wife carries a Sig P238, I have carried her Sig a couple times and love how compact and comfortable it is. The Glock 19 is nice but tends to be bulky. I just enjoy shooting it more than most guns. The Kahr is pretty compact, I just don't like the trigger on it as much. So to some it up, for me I may have to sell the Kahr and get another Sig for me to carry.

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