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Thread: What is your carry of choice?

  1. Kimber Ultra Stainless II .45acp. Reliable and a straight shooter. Also a Sig P 938 if I need something smaller.
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    Bersa Thunder .380 or Thunder .32 they are both thin and easy to conceal and I can use the same holsters for both of them. They are dependable and accurate.

  4. Springfield XD-S .45acp. Easy to conceal. Little gun, big bore.

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    I alternate between Glocks. Have carried a Glock 20 two decades. I custom made a ankle Serpa holster that I carry a 23C or 32 in.

    Also carry a Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact 9 sometimes, also in a custom ankle Serpa.

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  6. I carry Smith and Wesson 9mm Shield, what a great carry gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zx14rfun View Post
    I carry a Glock 19 or a Kahr CW9. My wife carries a Sig P238, I have carried her Sig a couple times and love how compact and comfortable it is. The Glock 19 is nice but tends to be bulky. I just enjoy shooting it more than most guns. The Kahr is pretty compact, I just don't like the trigger on it as much. So to some it up, for me I may have to sell the Kahr and get another Sig for me to carry.
    I have a Kahr CW40 and do not like the trigger on it also. I could not get use to the trigger so I do not carry it because I have been afraid that if I ever had to use it I would be unable to hit the target due to the adrenalin rush. If ammo was more plentiful perhaps I would be able to overcome this.

    I carry a Gen 4 Glock 23. Sometime in the future I would like to get a 9MM but it still seems that 9MM ammo is hard to find. 40 cal in personal defense seems to be loosening up.

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    I've moved on from carrying either a XDm compact 45ACP with 22rds of HST 230gr (+P) or 9mm with 32rds HST 124gr (+P) to my XDs 45ACP with 19rd of the aforementioned HST. I've been extremely surprised at how much of a difference the width of the XDs makes when carrying. I really do forget that I'm carrying it. Well worth the trade of carrying the dual mag holders (with the extended capacity mags) and being only 3rds down in capacity from my previous setup. I can also carry my XDs 9mm with 25rds, but I'm lovin' the .45 right now.
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    Glock 21SF .45, love it.

  10. Springfield XDs in 45. Carried in a Crossbreed Mini-Tuck. Comfortable and very concealable.

  11. I just switched from a Glock 26 to an M&P 9c, which alternates with my Ruger SP101 depending on clothing. I'm likely picking up a S&W 442 in the next week or two.

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