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Thread: What is your carry of choice?

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    Either a pair of Glock 36's or a pair of XD-S's.
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  3. I carry a Ruger sr9c!! Good shooter and accurate!!

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  4. Yes. The xds .45 acp....highly concealable,major stopping power!!!

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    Ruger SR40C in a 3 Speed Holster ( worn above beltline appendix carry) 9+1 (only extension on short magazine, and 15 round in magazine carrier (Hornady Critical Defense 175 gr)

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    I carry either of my two Bersa guns, they are accurate and dependable and conceal well. People need to learn that when they find a gun that works well for them to stick with it. I don't buy guns just to own more guns. If I buy a gun it is because it fits a purpose for me. There are guns I see and am tempted to buy just like any other person, but I rarely buy it. I have two excellent carry guns and may eventually get a pocket gun.

  7. Shoulder=Glock 29
    Waistband=Springfield XDS .45
    Ankle=Beretta Tomcat .32

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    I carry a Sig P239, .40. It has a slim profile for concealed carry and a really smooth trigger pull. My only issue is finding a decent concealable hip holster with a low enough profile.

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    Walther PPQ 9mm

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    I like my Kahr pm9 and Colt Defender in .45ACP in the summer. In the winter, anything from full size 1911's and Glocks, to S&W 4" 586...

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    Ruger SR1911. If your not going to carry what you shoot best with there is no point.
    I weigh around 260lbs @ 6'1". Still the 1911 may print a little. Printing a little is not illegal and to be honest, I'm not that important that people are really paying any attention to me.
    I rarely will carry my SR9c if I have to tuck my shirt in it makes it easier.

    Carry What you shoot the best, Unless its a 12 Gauge.
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