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Thread: What is your carry of choice?

  1. XDm .40 with a DeSantis detective style (angled) holster at 5-4 o clock. Smooth as butter.

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  3. I love my 6" interarms rossi 357 magnum revolver and carry in a lleather shoulder holster, but I am only comfortable doing this during the winter months as it is too hot to wear a light coat or a concealing open shirt over it! During the other months of the year I carry my Sig 226 .40 in the small of my back!

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    What is your carry of choice?

    Walther PPK 380. Just love it!

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    I carry either a Bersa Thunder .380 or a Thunder .32 because they conceal well, are dependable and accurate. But I am seriously considering either a Beretta full size PX4 9mm or a full size Ruger SR9, it is nice to have a full size gun.

    I had a Bersa Thunder 380 for about 9 months that I loved... until it gave me trigger problems. The first time I thought it was a fluke. After the second time I felt I could no longer trust it. I traded up to a Ruger SR40c. I miss the Bersa sometimes but this Ruger is fantastic. It's a .40 that shoots like a 9mm and with the short mag just as easy to conceal as the Bersa. Weighs a bit more though. With the 15rd mag it converts to the feel of the full size SR40.

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    I would never sell either of my Bersa's. I owned a Ruger SR9c and liked it but I sold it for $100 more than I paid. Sometimes think I need another SR9c.

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    I also like and carry a Glock 27. I just bought a Berreta P4 Storm Subcompact. When I break it in good I'm sure it'll be on my hip also!!
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    What is your carry of choice?

    Kahr PM-9 appendix carry with a Tucker mini IWB holster. Two spare 8 rounders in a Recluse pouch in my front left pocket. Considering a switch to an XDs 45 though.

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    9mm M&P Shield for me. IWB

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    sig p232 Love it's accuracy...hard to miss with it :-)

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    Taurus 24/7 G2 .40 Compact almost all the time. I carry appendix in 3 speed holster. Sometimes will grab the Gen 4 Glock 17 in a Blackhawk ambi (also appendix) if I'm in a hurry or a S&W BG38 in a pocket holster. I'm really wanting to buy this Rock Island Armory 1911. Does anyone out there carry a 1911 appendix?.

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