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  1. Home gun safe

    I am looking at getting a home safe but not sure which one. I'm looking at liberty but wonder what others I should consider. I'm trying to stay under $2000 and only really need a 20-30 gun.

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    I dont own a liberty yet - but I really like what I have read up on them. I was looking to get one this year, and I was looking at the Franklin line and Fatboy JR line.
    I really do like the warranty - fire damage / attempted break in - they replace it.. Not seen many company's offer that. They sell them at Gander Mountain - and generally the store does some good sales prices on them. I just looked at Gnd MT site, Liberty offers a tactical model, which is less then 900$ from them. 23 gun safe.

    If I had the money today, I would buy liberty cant beat made in USA / Lifetime warranty with free replacement/free opening if damaged during fire/break in attempt/ and its transferable warranty.

    My other choice would probably be Canon brand - but Ive not done much reviewing of them, as I have for liberty.

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    When evaluating gun safes check the pallet it sits on. Wood pallets generally mean made in the USA. Metal means China, Mexico or some other more exotic locale.
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    Check out Tractor Supply. They have some really nice Cannon safes for around 1200 and a Winchester for around 700

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    Check out John Deere.

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    I have a Liberty at our second home in Florida. They're very nice.

    Another you might consider is Fort Knox. I have one here in Vegas that compares well with the Liberty.
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  8. I just got my liberty franklin 25 delivered the other day. It was ordered online from Lowes and I waited about 4 months. Paid $1600. I was sold on the liberty as it has a thicker steel body than the cannon, the door organizer, and lights.

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  9. Thanks for the responses. I have been leaning to Liberty so hopefully after taxes I will go get one. Thanks again.

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    Have a Liberty with the keypad combination lock. Love it.
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  11. I thought those are still Liberty Safes, with JD graphics.

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