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    looking forward to winning this... I carry S&W... would like to try a ruger, always room for another gun...don't you agree?

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    Thanks, sped up my purchase of the site supporter. Even if I don't win, it's a plus.

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  4. I agree that this is a great package that is being given away. A side benefit to signing up for various gun giveaways I am now getting a lot of newsletters that have provided me a wealth of information on concealed carry as well as many other topics.

  5. The Nano is a phenomenal little gun. Beretta has built a rock-solid little gun that is practical and reliable without sacrificing consumers' wallets. Perhaps my favorite small 9mm for carry.

  6. What a great package, gets better and better
    An optimist, is someone that doesn't know all the facts!

  7. Heck yea,wouldnt mind that one myself

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    I would really love to win this! Looking for a smaller carry weapon. Thx USA Carry

  9. Have not had a chance to try out the Nano, but if it is from Beretta it must be good.

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    There is a list of winners, but is there a list of previous prizes?

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    I would love to win this

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