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  1. That's a varmint and hunting round it goes through most barriers too

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    The 7.62x54 has been in service with the Russian Army for 120 yrs. It is known as the Russian 30-06 and is still in service used in the Dragonv Sniper Rifle. An excellent round for hunting it is probably more comparable to the 308 Winchester.

  4. The 7062x54 isa NATO designation, it also known as the .308 round. A little overkill for most varmints, but a great hunting round.

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    This is great information. Especially since there is a flood of 7.62 ammo at reasonable prices, compared to
    30-06 or .308 ammo prices.
    But what about the 7.62x39 round? Can the same weapon fire the shorter ammo?
    Thanks to all of you knowledgeable people out there for your answers.....

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    If I win, it all goes to my daughter. ER nurse in a big hospital.

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    I'd love to get a Nano for my carry. I've seen one at a show a few weeks ago and loved the feel of it. I'm a big Beretta fan!

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    Love the giveaway package and great surprise to find a great forum to talk with lifelong enthusiasts like my self. Funny thing is im way more into Archery then shooting but love guns and carry as much as I can but the only pistol I have is hard to conceal. And glad to be a new member of this sight pun intended

  9. An update to my standard carry would be great. 9mm with a laser and lighter and more concealable.

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    x51 vs x53

    RD 68. I may be wrong but the 7.63 x 53 or (54R) is not the same as the 7.62 x 51. The 7.62 x 51 as manufactured today with headspace corrected will fire safely in the Winchester 308 chambered rifle. The x51 is the Nato designated 308 round.

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